Baby on Board!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boy or Girl...What will Baby G Be??

We are beyond excited to be finding out the sex of our sweet little baby on Tuesday! The long anticipated wait will be over soon! I think I'm more excited just to see the baby again on the ultrasound. We haven't seen him/her for 10 weeks so I'm sure we'll be surprised by how big baby has gotten!

It has been really fun getting everyone's guesses on the sex - at first everyone thought it was a girl. Lately, all the votes have turned to boy so it's about 50/50 right now. I literally have no idea (haha so much for the motherly instinct, right?!) I will say this though - I know about nine other ladies who are due in July/August and everyone is having GIRLS! Could just be the summer for girls! Honestly, it's cliche, but we'll be happy with either a boy OR a girl - we're going to love that baby no matter what!

To have a little fun, I decided to test out some of the old wives tales to help determine the old fashioned way if we're having a boy or girl. Below are some of the highlights:

#1: The Telltale Carry
Tale: If you carry low, you are having a boy. If you carry high, you are having a girl.
Verdict: What do you think? Here is my 18-week picture. Everyone thinks I'm carrying low - BOY.

#2: Crave It
Tale: If you are craving sweets, you are having a girl. If you are craving sour, you are having a boy.
Verdict: While I'm not really "craving" anything, I'm all sweets - GIRL.

#3: Jewelry Speaks
Tale: Hold a ring on a string over your belly. If it swings back & forth, it's a girl. Swings in a circle, boy. 
Verdict: Eric thought I was crazy when I laid down and told him to hold my wedding ring over my belly. Uhhh, it didn't move. Haha. What was I thinking - that hormones would magically make the string move?!

#4: Mayan Tale
Tale: Add the mothers age at conception and year of conception. If the number is even, it's a girl. If it's odd, it's a boy.
Verdict: 28 + 2011 = 2039 - BOY.

#5: Baking Soda Gender Test
Tale: Pee in a cup of baking soda. If it fizzes, it's a boy. If it does not fizz, it's a girl.
Verdict: Yes, I did this. Why not? I'm gonna say there was no fizz - GIRL.

Final Verdict: 2 votes boy, 2 votes girl, 1 undetermined =)

Every time I think about Tuesday, I get butterflies in my tummy! I'm sure it will start to feel more "real" as we can start talking about names, thinking about nursery ideas, etc. And it will definitely feel more real once I feel baby move for the first time! Thanks for all the well-wishes and notes - it's been so much fun sharing with everyone! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Favorite Month!

March is off to a GREAT start! First of all, it's March Madness. And in our household, that's a BIG DEAL!! Eric and I are both in three different bracket challenges (including one against each other) so our eyes are always on these fun tournament games! Secondly, March has been the month of babies!!! So far, baby Steele, baby Lilly, and baby Hayden have made their debuts. Now, we're just waiting on baby Caroline! She can come any day now (and I know mommy Natasha is dying to meet her)! I'm partial to March babies...they are being born in the BEST month!! =)

How Far Along: 16 weeks!
Size: 4.5 inches long and weighs 3.5 oz. - about the size of an avocado
Development: Baby's legs are much more developed, his head is more erect than it has been, and his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head. The patterning of his scalp has begun too! He's even started to grow little tiny toenails. A growth spurt is on the horizon - baby is supposed to double his weight and add inches to his length in the next few weeks.
How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling great! I don't feel like I have that "burst" of energy most talk about in the second trimester yet, but I certainly feel better than the first! The warm weather has definitely helped in getting out and taking walks/jogs. It feels so good to accomplish a workout (especially because before I was so exhausted and out of breath)! As you can tell from my bump picture, it's starting to poke!! (This is one of three attempts we took at this picture - and I'm pretty sure the bump looks the biggest in this one)!! As everyone tells me, I'm trying to "embrace" my new figure, but it's hard right now in this awkward phase! I'm just ready to be 7-months pregnant with a nice, round belly =)

In a few short weeks, we'll be finding out the gender!! It's been a lot of fun getting everyone's guesses...and their reasoning behind it! We are so excited to find out what this little peanut is! Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 9, 2012

15 Weeks!

Just a quick update:
How Far Along: 15 weeks!
Size: Baby is now measuring 4 inches and weighs about 2.5 ounces - about the size of an apple or orange (yummy)!
Development: Baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck her thumb! She can now officially move all her joints and limbs.She is forming taste buds and can now sense light from inside the womb. (I'm just using "she" to make baby sound real - we'll find out the sex later!)
How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling really good! I have definitely noticed not being AS tired, not being AS hungry, etc. Having said that, I won't even disclose how many pieces of pizza I had for lunch today...haha! But, they were thin crust and it was free =) I'm still waiting for my first "craving"...nothing too unusual so far, just still eating an un-godly amount of tomatoes! Watch me never eat another tomato after this pregnancy!

We had a doctors appointment on Monday and got to hear the heartbeat. I'm so out of touch - I wouldn't have even known that I was hearing the heartbeat until my doctor told me. I just thought I was hearing soundwaves. Oh, the expectations in my head were WAY off! I was expecting some loud, clear "thump, thump" and it would be all emotional, blah, blah, blah. Guess that's only in the movies =)

We go back the first week of April to find out the sex! We're having a lot of fun taking everyone's guesses so if you haven't already, let me know what you think we're having! So far, the majority of people are definitely leaning in one direction...but I won't disclose that just yet! =)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Looking forward to Selection Sunday - best time of the year! Can't wait to see where the Hoosiers will end up! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday!

I'm learning several new things as I journey through this pregnancy! Here are a couple fun tidbits I've picked up in my short three months:

1. Your first trimester is actually over after week 14. I always thought it was week 12 so I posted a little premature last time! As of today, I am 14 weeks and 1 day...and feeling good!

2. Did you know that the baby's intestines make their home in the umbilical cord until the body cavity has enough room for them? How cool is that? When the baby is ready, the intestines will move into their correct place and start functioning normally. Just another reminder of how incredible human life is!

3. Kitties (and pets in general) can sense your pregnant. Since very early on in my pregnancy, my sweet kitties have definitely changed their behavior, indicting to me they knew something was up! I went to the all-knowing Google to find out if cats can sense your pregnant and it is absolutely true. They pick up on mood changes, if you're laying on the couch more (yes!!), and your overall demeanor. Max has always been my cuddle kitty - he has always gravitated towards me while Paisley has always gravitated towards Eric. But now, Paisley will jump right up on the couch and lay right on my tummy almost every night =) Usually, they would be our alarm clocks on the weekends and wake us up when they were hungry. But again, ever since I've been pregnant it's like they know I need sleep and they don't peep a word! I think it'll be fun to see how they react when I actually have a belly...I can honestly see Max using it as a perch for a little cat nap! I couldn't help but post some pictures of them...they are the best gift I ever received (Eric surprised me with a trip to the animal shelter last year on my birthday)!!

4. Some people have no filter when it comes to you being pregnant! I was definitely warned that people will feel like they have free reign to give their advice and opinion on your pregnancy and I had my first dose of it last week at the bank. Keep in mind, I had just posted my "bump" picture at 13 weeks - not that big right? I literally go to work and one of my customers, in all seriousness, said, "Good God, you've popped!! I mean, geez, are you having TWINS?? Ugh, that would be horrible." And she went on...and on...and on about how big I looked. I just laughed it off because it was so outrageous.

We go to the doctor on Monday morning - getting so excited! Hope everyone's having a great weekend - ready to cheer on the HOOSIERS tomorrow night as we finish out the regular season with a big W!!!