Baby on Board!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exploring our Creative Side!

Life has been pretty quiet lately so there's not too much to update y'all on! Between being sick for awhile and cold temperatures, we've enjoyed cozying up in the house and doing things indoors. The kids LOVE anytime we break out the crayons, markers, or paint for art projects. The kids have spent a lot of time coloring birthday signs...and themselves! Ethan apparently wanted to explore body art so Emerson soon followed suit =)


The kids do an awesome job playing by themselves while I'm working out, in the kitchen making lunch, etc. Emerson plays with everything Ethan does so she's really into choo-choo trains, bulldozers, and making fast cars go zoom on our hardwood floors. Ethan's also been perfecting his golf game during the winter months. This kid never misses! The best part? He took it upon himself one day to grab an empty toilet paper roll and he set it up as a golf tee! Kid's a genius!
Ethan loves to line his trains up on the windowsill.

Watching the trains go around and around.

My little Godzilla =)


The kids have a new 'hiding' spot - our pantry. They love to sit on the floor, close the door, talk to each other, and be mischievous! One day, I had a friend over and was in the living room while they were playing. I should've known after quite a long time went by without me hearing anything that they were up to no good. Sure enough, Ethan had pulled the baking soda AND cornstarch down from one of the shelves and they were having a field day. Mountains of white powder...of which Emerson (of course) decided to walk through and track alllll over the main floor. Haha, no worries though - just a little mess, right? Without even prompting him, Ethan went and got his broom and helped me clean up =)

The kiddos are doing awesome - both learning and growing so much. People keep telling me how much they look alike right now...probably because Emerson's hair is finally growing! I was at the grocery the other day and this older gentleman walked by, smiled, and said "what a blessed life you have." Indeed =)