Baby on Board!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Visit With Santa!

We had another successful visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus this year! Going into it, I was thinking Ethan mayyyy do okay with Santa this year. Emerson...I knew she'd be a disaster and she certainly didn't disappoint. We headed to Fountain Square Mall with Papaw, Ginka, Uncle Dave, Aunt Arynn, and Hutch for our{second annual!} trip to see Santa!

When it was our turn, Aunt Arynn was holding Emerson while I walked Ethan up to Santa. In his sweet soft voice, Ethan whispered "hi." I was somewhat surprised he hopped right up into his lap, but he was all about it! Poor Arynn...she tried to dish Emerson off to Mrs. Claus and Emerson was strapped to her like a baby koala! She was shaking like a leaf, crying, and not having any of it. In good motherly nature (haha) I watched in delight taking pictures as my little babe screamed in fear. This picture cracks me up...I feel like Mrs. Claus is saying, "ummm, are you sure about this?" and Santa is probably cursing in his head thinking "here we go again..."

I got my pictures, and a few good laughs, and then saved her from the misery. After the screaming kid left, it was finally quiet enough for Santa to ask Ethan a couple questions...most importantly, what he wanted for Christmas. Without hesitation, Ethan said "excavators." Of course! Both kids were rewarded with yummy candy canes from Santa himself.

All in all, I'd say it was a success! After last year's picture, I'm not sure we could get any worse! If you need a reminder...

And then there was the year before that...

SEE! Progress! =)

And since we're making a trip down memory lane, here is Ethan's very first picture with Santa in 2012!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Special Visit from Family!

It is always such a treat to have Great Grandma Ann and Great Aunt Sharon come up for a visit. We sure packed their schedule full, but they loved every minute of it =) These sweet pictures say it all!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Fun!

I'm trying to get all caught up on our blog posts so here is a peek into what we've been up to during the Fall season:

It wouldn't be Fall without jumping in the leaves! We have lots of trees around our new house so Ethan looooved using the blower and raking up all the leaves with daddy.

  • We celebrated Eric's birthday by the kids painting a big sign for him to hang from our mantle. It was quite fun to see the kids painting together! 

Emerson thought it was more fun to paint Ethan!

She was more interested in eating the marker...
Think my cousin Kaleb and I look alike??? =)
We had park dates and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine walking around campus:

We had a blast feeding each other...or should I say Emerson feeding Ethan:

And we just had fun together taking baths, coloring, going to the grocery, playing with the IPad, and being CUTE! There is nothing better than when I overhear Ethan and Emerson "talking" in the playroom together. Ethan is usually trying to show her something or will say "it's okay sister..." Melt my heart. Now, keep in mind this happens 3% of the time and the other 97% it's Ethan being too rough with her, knocking her over, or stealing a toy. But, let's focus on those sweet little moments =) Those moments where you look around and realize you don't have a baby on your hip, a toddler pulling on your leg, someone whining, and no one calling "moooooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyy." It may only last a precious couple minutes, but so thankful I can appreciate them!!