Baby on Board!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Little Gymnast!

Gymnastics Graduate!
Ethan had such a great experience last year doing gymnastics that we were really excited to enroll him again. This year he was part of the Caterpillars group - 3 year olds that don't need any parent participation this go around. It was awesome to watch Ethan over the last seven weeks as he got comfortable with his teacher, did a great job listening and following instructions, and most importantly had FUN!! Each week they would start with circle time (stretching) and then start rotating stations. One station they would work on the bars, one station was the beam, and another station would work on floor exercises. There was always a fun activity at the end of each week that would be something like jumping on the big trampoline, riding the zip line, or playing in the ball pit.

Time to stretch!
These are the uneven bars where I hang like a monkey!
Using all my muscle strength!
Here I am on the tumble track. I would hop like a bunny with my arms up!
Time to jump in the balls!
The last class of every term is a celebration of all the kids accomplishments. They bring in a big bounce house for them to jump in, give each child ribbons and certificates showing their progress, and do a cute awards ceremony so parents can gush over their kiddos! =) And yes, I was one proud momma. He got stars and the best 'score' on all his skills - somersaults, cartwheels, listening and taking turns, and attitude. Great job, Ethan!!
Ta-Da! Great job Caterpillars!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crack, Bang, BOOM!

We had a tree removed last month and it was by far the BEST day of Ethan's life!! He could barely believe what was right in his front yard - a bucket truck, electric saws, and a big blue tractor. Is there anything better for a 3 1/2 year old?! He was literally beside himself with excitement and immediately ran to put on his construction vest and safety goggles. We sat in the driveway for 2 1/2 hours while we watched Mr. Adrian cut down the tree. Please take delight in these amazing pictures - I can still hear his sweet little voice, "I fink...I fink he needs help. Mommy, I help him."

He kept saying, "Mommy, they make a MESS!"

Ready to work!
He was using his "tree trimmer" too.

The determination! He wanted to be just like the tree guy.


Keeping a watchful eye making sure they're staying on task =)
His favorite part: the big crane w/the grabber on the end.

Showing me the electric saw cutting the tree stump.

Made this little man's day.

Love you bud!