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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven Months Old!

Hi Family and Friends!

I turned seven months old over the weekend! I've been so busy lately - I took a trip to Tennessee to visit some friends - and I got to see Pa and Gigi too! Then, last weekend we celebrated Mommy's 30th birthday! I had my very first slumber party at Ginka and Papaw's house and I was quite the houseguest. I was all smiles and loved the extra attention I was getting from Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Kristen, and cousin Jayden! I want to tell you about some of the fun things I'm doing as a seven-month old:
  • I've gotten really good at sitting up by myself. I still tumble over sometimes, but I've realized I need to put my arms down to catch my weight.
  • I have a new big boy bath tub! It's a big yellow inflatable duck that fits inside the real tub. It's just the perfect size for me to sit up and splash around. I love bath time!
  • I love to reach for anything and everything in sight...especially at the dinner table! When I sit in my activity seat on the table, I want to reach for mommy's water bottle, the ketchup bottle, whatever is in my line of sight! 
  • I still love to blow raspberries and stick my tongue out - a lot of times when I smile, my tongue just slips out! =) 
  • Have you noticed how much hair I have?? It keeps growing and growing! Everyone comments on how much hair I have - my daddy says to enjoy it now because come his age, it'll be gone - those darn Graebe genes!
  • I hands!! Yep, you guessed it - no surprise here. They are still the coolest thing around.
  • I sleep 11 1/2-12 hours a night and take two two-hour naps throughout the day. I love sleep!
  • I love to shake my head "no" - and not because I understand what the word "no" means, but because it's one of my ways of interacting with others. It's the cutest thing. I'll shake my head "no" and just smile when people mimic me. Mommy and daddy shake their head "yes" in response because they don't want me to learn the word "no" quite yet! 
  • Being at the age where I can eat big boy food is so much fun! Mommy mixes different foods together and I love the taste. Soon, I hope to start picking up small pieces of food and putting them in my mouth (right now, I just drop the food in my lap)! 
I feel like I'm really going to make some big strides in the coming month - there is still so much to learn!  I am a happy baby. I love my family and my kitty, Max. I'm in the middle of my first March Madness - and I'm quickly learning why they call it madness - Sunday, I was watching the IU game with my whole family and everyone was jumping up and down screaming, acting crazy!! Over a tiny ball that goes in a big circle. They say one day I will understand. 

Mommy tells me I will enjoy Spring when it finally comes. I can't wait to feel the sunshine and be outside where I can see birds and look at trees. I hope everyone is doing well and I will send another update next month!

Ethan =)
My silly tongue
Look of innocence
No more stickers!!
Happy boy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daddy Makes Me Laugh!

We know Ethan is so close to laughing because he's always opening his mouth like he wants to, but nothing comes out! We've had a few giggling spurts though and we were lucky enough to get one on video. They say there's nothing sweeter than a baby's giggle, right? I know it'll only get better once he finally turns his giggle box over!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Six Month Stats!

Ethan had his six-month appointment on Monday and got an A+ from the doctor! Ethan grew almost two inches in the last two months and is now 25 3/4" long! He is almost completely out of his three month clothes since his little toes are poking out the bottom! Ethan is now tipping the scales at 13 lbs. 11 oz.! Little man is constantly improving and still charming all the nurses at his doctor's office. I mean, look at his picture - doesn't get much cuter!

It feels so good on my gums!

We had a nice conversation with Dr. Newby about Ethan and all the new foods he's trying. She encouraged us to feed him solids three times a day and just have FUN! We have been buying the Gerber brand and have tried all the veggies and fruits they make. I decided last week I wanted to try my hand at making my own food so I made a batch of apples and carrots. Keep in mind, Ethan loved the Gerber apples and liked the carrots (but, wasn't his favorite). Well, I fed him my batch and you would've thought I was feeding him poison!! Good grief, I know I can't cook, but c'mon! Dr. Newby suggested mixing olive oil or rice cereal in to amp up the calories. I tried the rice cereal with carrots today and that was even a worse disaster! Haha...but they say try a food ten times before deciding whether or not he likes it. We did try giving him a strawberry last week and he hated it!! We put it in this little mesh net that he can suck on and the minute he got the juice his face got all sour and he pushed it away. We also tried cutting up small pieces of banana to see if he could pick them up with his hands. He didn't quite get the idea so he would wait for us to feed him. Either way, we are having a blast with this new stage. He absolutely loves it and makes dinner time very entertaining! I'm quickly learning why parents strip their baby down to just a diaper during feedings - food everywhere!!

Ethan's been such a joy lately - we are loving the interaction we get with him every day. Now that he's sitting up, we love to get on the floor with him and watch him play with all his toys that light up and make sounds. He makes so many funny noises - he squeals, he moans, he coos, he's all smiles! Here's a video of him 'moaning'!

We are so excited for the month of March and have a lot to look forward to - a trip to Tennessee, six-month pictures, mommy and Grandpa Joe's birthday, and hopefully warmer weather!! 
Play time in the mirror!
"Play time" with Daddy!