Baby on Board!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Picture Blast!

I try and keep up with taking pictures of the kiddos on a regular basis so here is a picture blast from the last couple months for you to enjoy:


Friday, February 6, 2015

{Seven Months Old - Emerson!}

Hi Family and Friends!

I'm seven months old! I am growing and changing by the minute. I hit a big milestone this past month and I can't wait to tell you what else I've been doing lately:
  • I'm officially sitting up on my own! Mommy discovered it one day (probably around 6 1/2 months) when she sat me on the ground and I didn't fall over! I feel like such a big girl now. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I get so excited and kick my legs and fall over, but I like to sit up strong and tall and reach out for toys.
  • When I do fall over, my big brother Ethan likes to help me up. He says "I help her" and puts his hands on my back to lift me up.
  • If you put anything within reaching distance of me, it will end up in my mouth. My favorite thing to suck on is my index and middle finger. Second favorite? My toes.
  • Daddy introduced me to a new game called "peek-a-boo." It's so fun to play! Daddy will disappear and I look around for him...then all of a sudden, BOO! There he is!
  • I talk and laugh a lot when I'm on my changing table. Daddy always makes me laugh by doing silly things. I scrunch my nose when I laugh.
  • I sleep 11-12 hours a night. I normally go to bed around 9pm and wake up at 8:30am. I will take a morning nap (1.5-2 hours) and then an afternoon nap (1.5-2 hours). I am still sleeping in my bassinet. One day, I will sleep in my crib that my daddy worked so hard putting together.

  • Last month, I started baby food. I have a pretty sensitive tummy so mommy had to back off on the food for awhile. She now mixes a little bit of baby food with rice cereal and I eat that every couple days to see how my tummy will react.

  • When I'm laying on my back, I try and sit up...I raise my head and use my ab muscles. Sitting up is way more fun.
  • When I'm on my belly, I stick my tush up in the air and kick my legs. Mommy says when I start crawling it will be a "game changer."
  • I drink a 9 oz. bottle before I go to bed (just for the record, that's how much my brother drinks!)
  • I (still) don't let anyone hold me - other than mommy or daddy - for longer than 15 seconds before I cry.

  • Ethan loves to come wake me up in the mornings. He peers over the edge of the bassinet and says "ohhhhhhhhhh" and I smile immediately. One of mommy's most favorite things is waking me up in the mornings and giving me a big hug because I'm so warm and cuddly.
  • Ethan and I have a special language. It pretty much consists of seeing who has the highest decibel squeal. He's always trying to get me to "talk."
  • I love toys that light up or have tags on them.
  • I like to look at myself in the mirror. I'm cute.
  • As predictable as I may seem, I also like to keep things interesting and switch it up every now and then. Some days I nap for 30 minutes. Other days I nap for three hours. Some days I decide to be fussy just because. Other days I'm an angel...I mean, look at this angel face!
  • Sometimes when I'm sitting up, I rock back and forth so much that I fall over on my belly!
Now that I can sit up, it's really fun to sit on the floor and play with my brother. Sometimes during the evenings, me, Ethan, mommy, and daddy all play on the floor together. Ethan is a nice big brother and lets me play and drool all over his toys. He seems like to like my baby toys too. I still continue to be a happy, smiley baby and am having lots of fun getting older. I hope you'll keep checking the blog for updates!