Baby on Board!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

18 Months Old!

Hi Family and Friends!

I reached an exciting milestone this week...I officially turned 18 months old! I'm a year and a half - wow! This is by far the most fun age I've experienced. Let me tell you about everything I'm doing now:
  • Last month, I started walking for the first time. Now, I can walk pretty steady without falling down (although I have busted my lip twice since walking)! Just this past weekend was really the first time I started walking everywhere on my own...down the halls at the hotel, in the aisles at Target, out to mommy's car, etc. It feels great to be so big - I have such a new perspective on everything!
  • I do a really good job feeding myself. I like using my spoon to eat applesauce or cottage cheese. I also started using a fork. Mommy was nervous that I would poke myself in the gums, but I feel like such a big boy using utensils! I haven't quite mastered putting pieces of food on my fork so mommy or daddy will help me with that and then I use the fork to eat. I now eat a banana all by myself which is exciting. Mommy still helps me peel it, but I can hold it and feed myself!
  • I'm a good listener and follow instructions well. When mommy says it's time to eat, I walk to my highchair. When mommy says it's time to go, I wait by the door to walk out to the car. She even asked me to take my shoes to my room and I did! And put them in the basket! Even though I can't talk, I have learned that listening is very important and helps me do what mommy and daddy ask of me. They tell me I'm going to be such a big help with my baby sister comes.
  • Speaking of my baby sister, I'm not really sure what that is yet. Every time mommy asks me where the baby is, I laugh and lift up her shirt and poke her belly button! She keeps telling me that some day soon I will be able to feel her kick.
  • I had my first trip to the dentist a couple weeks ago! Now that I have teeth, it was important for me to meet my dentist, Dr. Matt. He is really nice and I even gave him a high five. I was so good that he gave me my very first toothbrush. I love to brush my teeth. Every night, I go into my bathroom, grab my stool, and show mommy and daddy how big I am by brushing my teeth. When I'm finished, I put my toothbrush in the drawer and close it.
  • I am still sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am every night and taking two naps a day (yea for mommy)!!
  • Have I told you lately how much I love my cat, Max? Besides mommy and daddy, he is my best friend. I chase Max around and "meow" when he does. Max is especially good when I tackle him, grab his fur, and pull his tail. He doesn't seem to mind at all! My favorite thing to do is give Max a hug. Whether he's laying on the back of the couch or in his kitty bed, I like to lay down with him and put my head on his belly. I can hear him purr.
  • My "talking" has really picked up. It sounds like gibberish to everyone else, but to me it makes perfect sense. I am most talkative around fire extinguishers. I love fire extinguishers. They are red and up on the wall. We have one in our kitchen that I point and talk to every single day. I also stop and talk to them when I see one in public. I like to talk to vacuums and brooms too. That's probably because I like to clean.
  • Being outside makes me talk a lot too. I haven't been out much because of the cold weather (and because I wasn't walking). But, it's really fun to be outside!! I see cars drive by, I see leaves blowing, and can feel the sun shining. I can't wait to use my backyard this year. I even have a play set with a slide! I hope warm temperatures come soon.

  • I am a very cuddly and affectionate boy. I like to put my head on mommy and daddy's shoulder when they are holding me. I like to give hugs to my cousins. Sometimes I like to give kisses to mommy on her face. I feel very loved so I like to give love back.
Being able to walk has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am so excited by all the independent tasks I've learned lately. I'm a really happy baby...or should I say toddler now? Nahhh, mommy says I'll always be her baby. Thanks for visiting the blog - I like keeping my family and friends updated on how great my life is!

Ethan =)


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Winter Blues: Flu Edition!

My poor little man
Man, oh man! Ol' man winter came knocking on our door last week and brought nothing but viruses and flu bugs! We have been one sick household and am so thankful today was our first day back to (semi) normal! Starting last Tuesday, Ethan threw up all day long...six different times! We thought maybe it was the 24-hour flu bug because some family had it the week before and said he should be fine by the morning. The next day he was so lethargic and could barely lift his head so we literally camped out on the couch and enjoyed mommy/son snuggles. Wednesday was another day of him not having any energy whatsoever, throwing up, and sleeping/resting on my chest all day. By Thursday, he was actually sitting up and drinking small amounts of milk...maybe 3 oz. because we didn't know how much he could handle. I gave him a bath that evening and he was up walking around in the kitchen and threw up again! Friday morning, after more vomit, I knew something was up so I called the doctor and  made an appointment. They said he had a gastrointestinal virus that should last 7-10 days.
We had been keeping a close eye on him to see if he was staying hydrated because not only was he vomiting, but also having diarrhea. He's never been a fan of Pedialyte and was barely drinking water, but the doctor reassured me babies don't need that much liquid to keep them hydrated. They weighed him at the office and he had already lost weight =( He's the last little munchkin that needs to lose weight! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I would find him in the mornings covered in puke...but then he would be okay during the day. We were so cautious on the milk and tried giving it to him in smaller amounts more frequently throughout the day...we knew the little guy had to be starving!

So pitiful =(
Yesterday, his appetite started to come back a little and he ate a couple bites of solid food which was encouraging. Little man had quite the week - we felt so, so bad for him and it's just heartbreaking to see him not feel well. The doctors certainly knew what they were talking about, though, because he got sick for seven straight days! Thankfully, it seems like it's out of his system and definitely looking forward to a better week!

Friday night, after taking Ethan to the doctor that morning, I got hit HARD with the flu bug!! I started to feel funny around 9pm and said I was going to go lay down. Not an hour later, I'm violently puking and continued to do so for the next.nine.hours.straight! Oh my word, it was absolutely brutal. I was so sore for about two days after because of all the muscles I pulled/strained in my torso. I spent pretty much all day Saturday in bed and was so grateful Eric was home over the weekend to take care of Ethan. I started feeling better on Sunday and had my first real meal yesterday - it was delicious! =) Today I feel like I'm making up for all the lost calories because I want to do nothing but eat! Baby's hungry!!

It is a godsend that Eric didn't get sick through all this! We laugh because he's the only one who didn't get a flu shot this year...funny how he's the healthy one! He had his work cut out this weekend taking care of both Ethan and I and he did an amazing job! Here's to hoping all germs are gone and we stay healthy the rest of the winter!!
Sitting big in his chair!
I brush my own teeth!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's A GIRL!!!

We are beyond thrilled to announce Baby #2 is a little GIRL!! While Eric and I had been anticipating a girl all along, it certainly was exciting to get the final confirmation through our gender reveal party this past Sunday! This weekend was so special and definitely a memory for the books. We had a family get together on Sunday with both sets of parents, my dad, my sister-in-law, and nephews. We also had my brother, grandma, and Eric's dad and stepmom on Facetime during the big reveal! I had a blast decorating for the party keeping with the blue/pink theme! I think everyone left on a sugar high because besides the yummy cake we had blue/pink sour rings, chocolate covered pretzels, and m&m's!

Eric and I were so funny leading up to the reveal because we were practicing how we were going to slice the cake. We were worried the icing might come out on the knife after making the first cut so we decided to each take a knife and slice together. Then we used a cake server to scoop out the slice we cut. Again, I think we knew deep down it was pink, but it was still such a RUSH!! I was literally shaking once I saw the bright pink cake staring back at us!

I don't think I came off my adrenaline high until the next day! It was an amazing way to celebrate an amazing blessing and we are so happy to have shared it with our families.

My sister-in-law, being the sweet and thoughtful person she is surprised us with our baby's first gift! Look at this cute little onesie - baby girl's first outfit!

This will be the fourth girl on Eric's side and the second on mine. My niece, Sydney, has been dying for another girl in the family so she was super excited when we called to tell her the news! I laugh when I think about this baby girl having five older boy cousins to look after her! We thought Ethan would have a field day with the cake given his cake experience on his first birthday, but here's what we got instead...
Maybe he's not happy about a sister??
Just kidding mommy - I can't wait!
20 week bump picture!
I don't even think it has sunk in yet that we're having a girl and it still feels a little strange to say "she"! But, now we can focus on names, getting the guest room turned into a nursery, and watching the next four months fly off the calendar! I am officially 20 weeks and halfway through this pregnancy!!

How Far Along: 20 weeks!

Size of Baby: Baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. She's also around 10 inches from head to heel - about the size of a banana!

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing great overall! Still enjoying my morning naps most days while Ethan naps. I've started taking Unisom (safe to take) to try and help with the pregnancy induced insomnia. I would say it definitely helps me fall asleep, but I don't stay asleep. My doctor said if I want to take Ambien I can, but I'll give it more time before I take that step. By the end of the day, my back is usually pretty aching from picking Ethan up, running around, etc. The couch always feels extra niiiice!

Cravings/Aversions: This isn't a new "craving," but I have to have peanut butter every day. And at least a couple times a day. I usually have it on a banana, wheat thins, or as a pb&j sandwich. Either way, I cannot get enough of it.

Boy/Girl: whoo hoo, we finally know!! BABY GIRL!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

18 Weeks with Baby #2!

18 Weeks!
We are just days away from finding out the sex of Baby #2!!!We are so, so excited and can't wait to see baby on the ultrasound tomorrow (even though we're waiting to find out the gender on Sunday with our families). We haven't seen the baby since he/she was seven weeks old so it'll be awesome to see baby fully formed, with bones, and squirming around!
How Far Along: 18 1/2 weeks!

Size: Head to rump, baby is about 5 1/2 inches long, and he weighs almost 7 ounces - about the size of a bell pepper!

Development: Baby's sensory development is exploding! Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she may be able to hear your voice now too. Her arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of her body now. He's busy flexing his arms and legs and might be able to feel him move now.

How I'm Feeling: Overall, I'm doing really well! I've come to terms that I will probably be lacking energy for the remainder of the pregnancy, which I'm sure is common if you're already taking care of a toddler! Another not-so-fun symptom that has reared its ugly head is pregnancy induced insomnia. I had this so bad with Ethan and was prescribed a sleep aid for relief. It's not only having trouble falling asleep, but will be up for hours at a time in the middle of the night. My awake stretches usually last four hours or so. It's brutal. I called Dr. Stowell's office this past week and they asked for me to try Unisom to see if that helps. I'm hoping that gives just enough to relief to feel well-rested in the morning! I officially felt the baby move at 17 weeks! And baby has sure been active since! I really only remember feeling Ethan at night when I went to bed. I feel this baby constantly throughout the day which is so cool. Such a great feeling!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new to report major cravings/aversions as of late.

Boy or Girl: We find out on Sunday!!! We're having our families over and doing a gender reveal cake to see if Baby #2 is a boy or girl!! We are going into it thinking it's a girl...!