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Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Rewind - Part 1!

Clearly my blog posts are few and far in between these days!! It's not that I don't have any pictures to post or things to write about...I just never seem to sit down at the computer at night anymore! I don't know how these professional bloggers do it =)

People ask all the time "how are things?" or "how's your summer?" and it's SO nice to be able to respond with QUIET and RELAXING! Sure, some weeks are busier than others, but really and truly things just seem very calm around here =)

Figured it would be best to let the pictures do the talking. Here is what we've been up to:

We kicked off the summer with Bloomington's annual Touch a Truck event. Last year, Ethan was pretty hesitant and would, literally, just touch the truck. This year, this kiddo was driving the fire truck and police car:



We had park dates:
We had lunch dates with Ginka:

We had fun at the Wonderlab with Grandpa Joe:

We took lots of baths:

We had fun splashing in the pool:

We beat the hot temps by running around our house naked:

We laughed and had fun with our cousins:


We played and used our imagination (read the captions):

A firefighter climbing the "ladder" to help people.
Making chocolate chip pancakes. With all his tools.
 We ate a LOT:

We had wrestling matches - that usually ended in getting a little too rough:

And we were just plain CUTE:




Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Emerson!


What a ONE-derful year it's been!! Granted the first couple months were more than challenging with Emerson's colic, but she is such a joy and an absolute light in our family. We kicked off the birthday festivities on Friday, her actual birthday. Since Eric was already at work, Ethan and I went in to wake her up and sing happy birthday. She was so excited, bouncing up and down in her crib. Then we had a fun pancake breakfast where she got to show off her "1" birthday hat (total impulse buy from Hobby Lobby...I just had to)!

After nap time, we were lucky enough to meet Eric, Pa, and Gigi for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Ethan had requested we go there for sister's birthday. Gigi treated Ethan to his very first ice cream cone! He's obviously had ice cream before, but never in a cone...we told him the bottom part was like a "cookie," but he didn't seem too interested in it after most of the ice cream was gone =)

That evening, Emerson and I spent the night out at my parents so I could finish decorations, prep food (or Ginka could!), and get everything ready for her party. I don't consider myself a DIY (do-it-yourself) person at all, but I was super proud of all the decorations I made. It was a cheaper option and more importantly, FUN, especially knowing it was for our sweet babe.

We were so excited to be celebrating her birthday with all seven grandparents, plus Jeffrey/Kristen/Jayden/Kaleb, and Kristen's brother and family who were visiting from CT. As soon as all the kiddos woke up from their naps, we dove right into all the yummy food (additional thanks to Mom and Kristen)!
Mini Cheesecakes, Brownie Bites, Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Ready to eat!

We love you Emerson!

Ham/Turkey King Hawaiian Sandwiches

Next up was cupcake time!! She was so cute when we all sang happy birthday to her- clapped her hands, laughed, and was having a grand 'ol time! It's no secret that Emerson is quite the little eater - have you seen how much weight she's gained in the last month?! Everyone thought for sure she would dive right into her cupcake and put on a show...let's just say she was pretty uninterested. She started by getting a little icing on her fingers and would taste it - and then I think she didn't like having it on her fingers anymore. Emerson may have not liked the icing, but Ethan sure did! He jumped right in and helped himself to plenty of finger dips. We tried everything to get her to eat it - even put cottage cheese (one of her favs) on top thinking she would scoop it right up. Eventually, we turned the cupcake over and she seemed to like eating the white cake part better. While I'm bummed we didn't get full blown messy cake pictures (remember Ethan's camo face?), she's still pretty stinking cute:



We opened up presents and then called it a day (thankfully with no meltdowns)!

Her first birthday party was a total success and we had a blast celebrating with our family. It's been so fun sitting back and watching her grow and learn right before our eyes. She has a smile that lights up her entire face, the best cuddles around, and is so, so sweet when she's around her daddy or big brother. We love you Emerson Paige - you have our hearts forever!!

(cue mommy crocodile tears)