Baby on Board!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Choosing A Birthday!

It's not too often you actually get to pick your son's birthday! We are happy to announce his scheduled birthday will be...August 30!! (Now, let's just hope I don't go into labor before then)! =)

39 Weeks!
We had an ultrasound done at our appointment on Tuesday because I was measuring small for 38 weeks. It was just to ensure baby is doing well and confirm there is still plenty of amniotic fluid in the placenta. We didn't get too many clear images of him (how do these technicians know what they're looking at?!) because there's not too much space left! She measured his head, his tummy, and his femur - that helps the doctors to make sure he's at a good weight. Dr. Stowell said for us to expect him to weigh high 6 lbs./low 7 lbs. We were hoping to at least see his face, but low and behold, he was turned face down! We just had to laugh because he showed us how 'stubborn' he could be by turning the wrong way and now he won't even show his face...we're convinced he wants his arrival to be a BIG surprise!! I'm at such peace and feel so relaxed now that we have a date set. It doesn't feel real that in one week I'll be holding my sweet little boy.

One of the main reasons for moving back to Indiana was to be closer to our families. We couldn't be happier that (almost) everyone will be there for Baby G's birth (we will miss Eric's brother Chris and his family who are in Texas)! Besides both sets of parents being there, we are also so excited that my siblings (Laura, David, Jeffrey), brother/sister-in-laws (John, Arynn, Kristen), niece (Sydney), and nephews (Aidan, Jayden) will all be in attendance!! It's rare that all four of us kids are together at the same time so for everyone to be in town Labor Day Weekend will be absolutely amazing. This little guy is joining two awesome families who already love him so much!! Look how lucky he'll be - he will have:

- 4 grandpas
- 3 grandmas
- 2 great-grandmas
- 6 aunts
- 6 uncles
- 7 cousins

Not a bad start to his life, right? =) And, hopefully there will be plenty more cousins to add in the future!

The doctor said to anticipate a three-night stay in the hospital so my next blog post could be from my hospital a MOMMY!! I know I will be one proud mama who is ready to show off her handsome son!

Look at that belly!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What A Difference A Week Makes!

38 Weeks!
We received the surprising news this week at our doctor's appointment that Baby G is breech!! That little stinker turned around in my belly and is sitting very comfortably in the 'frank breech' position (with his head up by my ribs, bottom down, and legs up by his face). The doctor said we could try an external version where they push on my belly and try to turn him around manually. It was definitely something I wanted to try so Thursday we went into the hospital to get the procedure done. It was by far one of the most excruciating experiences I've ever been through, but it was worth a shot. The doctor was able to get him to move a little (and we thought he was actually going to turn), but then he slipped right back into his comfy pocket and didn't budge. The doctor even said we've got "a stubborn one on our hands"!

So, now we are going to schedule a c-section. We have another doctor's appointment on Tuesday where we will be able to talk with the doctor about our options. There is a small chance we could deliver on Friday the 24th, but we'll need someone to go into labor early and free up a spot at the hospital =) Otherwise, we will plan for the week of the 27th-31st and see what availability there is. Either way, he will be an August baby for sure and we're literally starting to count down the days until we meet him!

I feel like everyone is telling me to "enjoy the last days" while I can - go to that movie, eat that milkshake, do whatever I I guess I have been! It's crazy to think that in less than ten days we could have a baby! There is definitely part of me that gets 'sad' thinking about not being pregnant anymore - but obviously those feelings are outweighed by the joy I know I will feel once he's here.

I will be keeping everyone updated after our appointment on Tuesday - thanks for all the well wishes this past week! We have said it before, but Baby G is one lucky guy to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

And So It Begins...

I guess you can say my body has officially begun to prepare itself for birth! As of Monday, I was 0 cm dilated and 20% effaced (a percentage the doctors use to show how thin my cervix is getting). Hopefully, those numbers will continue to improve every week and before you know it Baby G will be here! I had a really good week starting off with a great check-up at the doctor. Last night, Eric and I attended our "baby basics" class and learned the ins-and-outs of being first-time parents (haha)! Most of it was common sense and stuff we already knew, but we took away a couple good pointers in regards to techniques in soothing baby, how to swaddle, giving oral medication, etc. Mom and I went up to Indy on Tuesday to return all the duplicate items I received from my baby showers and to purchase the last round of stuff I needed. We are officially set and ready for little man's arrival!! (just need to pack my hospital bag)! =)

The one thing Eric and I wanted to splurge on before baby got here was a nice camera. It was one thing we could invest in that would produce great pictures of our handsome fella. We did lots of research and the camera we wanted was delivered this week. Eric has been hilarious thinking he's the next big photographer about to hit the scene. Every night, he's taking pictures of Max and Paisley trying to learn all the different settings. We are so excited about it though - definitely one of the best purchases we've ever made!

37 weeks - three more to go! Heading to the doctor on Tuesday - will keep the updates coming!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

9 Months!

Can you tell how much baby is growing?? Look at this belly! =) 36 weeks down - staring at the homestretch! As previously mentioned, we start going to the doctor every Monday now for a quick check-up. This past Monday, the doctor said she thinks we're going to have a "small" baby - around 6-7 lbs. I've had a couple new experiences this past week as the baby decided to lie on my sciatic nerve one day - ouch! I stretched and stretched and stretched trying to get him into a different position. Well, apparently that position was up underneath my ribcage! It feels like I have a broken rib in my back and makes things very uncomfortable, but hey - it's all part of it. Not too much longer with all these aches and pains!

We have an exciting week coming up - childbirth classes!! We've got one Monday night and one on Wednesday night. I think it'll be great - definitely won't hurt to get an in-depth look into what to expect! I'm actually getting really curious about labor - not nervous, not scared...just curious. I wonder what it'll feel like. Will it be as painful as you imagine? How long will it last?  Will it be a breeze? Haha! We shall find out soon enough!

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, I'll have my first progress report on Monday!! =)