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Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Fun!

I'm trying to get all caught up on our blog posts so here is a peek into what we've been up to during the Fall season:

It wouldn't be Fall without jumping in the leaves! We have lots of trees around our new house so Ethan looooved using the blower and raking up all the leaves with daddy.

  • We celebrated Eric's birthday by the kids painting a big sign for him to hang from our mantle. It was quite fun to see the kids painting together! 

Emerson thought it was more fun to paint Ethan!

She was more interested in eating the marker...
Think my cousin Kaleb and I look alike??? =)
We had park dates and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine walking around campus:

We had a blast feeding each other...or should I say Emerson feeding Ethan:

And we just had fun together taking baths, coloring, going to the grocery, playing with the IPad, and being CUTE! There is nothing better than when I overhear Ethan and Emerson "talking" in the playroom together. Ethan is usually trying to show her something or will say "it's okay sister..." Melt my heart. Now, keep in mind this happens 3% of the time and the other 97% it's Ethan being too rough with her, knocking her over, or stealing a toy. But, let's focus on those sweet little moments =) Those moments where you look around and realize you don't have a baby on your hip, a toddler pulling on your leg, someone whining, and no one calling "moooooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyy." It may only last a precious couple minutes, but so thankful I can appreciate them!!



Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sweet and Funny Emerson!

Hello Family and Friends!

It's been awhile since I've given you an update on how BIG and SWEET I am! November means I'm 17 months old...whaaaaat?! Wow! So, so, so much has changed and I'm busting with excitement to tell you all about it:
  • I run. I don't walk. I run, everywhere. I pump my arms from side to side and most times than not, my feet move faster than my arms =)
  • My personality is really starting to shine. Some people say I'm sweet. Others say I'm sassy. That's a good mix, right? My parents say I'm quite the daredevil. They think I will be the first to get stitches in the family. Here I am standing on my toy airplane.

    Here I am standing on my toy elephant trying to rock climb on the fireplace.
Here I am climbing up my swing set outside. Mommy was pushing Ethan on the swing so I snuck over to the ladder and climbed on up...much to the fear of my mommy.
  • I can blow kisses and always wave bye-bye when someone is leaving.
  • I loooooove babies. Real babies. Any time I see one I point and say, "baby, baby, baby." I also like to go over to their strollers to see how tiny they are.

  • My favorite game is peek-a-boo. My favorite place to hide is behind the curtains. I wrap myself up in the long curtains and then squeal with delight when someone finds me.
  • I can point to (and say) eye, ear, nose, and hair.
  • My vocabulary is expanding all the time. I can say mommy, daddy, brother (or some version of it), bear, please, ball, and ketchup.

  • You might be wondering why I learned the word ketchup? That's because it's my new favorite food! Mommy discovered I will eat almost anything if it has a little bit of ketchup on it.
  • I reached a big milestone at the highchair last week - I can successfully use a fork!! It's fun to poke my food and then try and get it in my mouth. I'm also really good at using a you can see with my yogurt.

  • I have a new best friend. His name is Bear. I do everything with him and he has to be with me at all times, especially when I sleep.
  • I like to bounce up and down when I hear music.
  • I've been known to eat cat food a time or two. Here is a picture of when I opened the pantry by myself and thought I'd "feed the cat."

  • Now that I'm big, I want to do big girl things. Like swing all by myself. This is a picture of me at the park in a baby bucket seat...see, not happy.
    This is a picture of me outside on my swing set all by myself. Look at my smile! Happy girl!
  • I love to put things in drawers and then find it. Or just leave it there for mommy and daddy to find. Sometimes I even put myself in drawers.
  • I have a fun way of playing with toys. If I see the bucket of Legos, I dump it out. If I see a box of flashcards, I dump it out. If I see books on the bookshelf, I dump them out. This is how our toy room looks on a typical day:
  • Remember when I was little and wouldn't let anyone hold me for the first year of my life? Well, I've come a looooooong, loooooooong, loooooooooong way and now I'll let (almost) anyone hold me! Even perfect strangers. My biggest progress has come in the nursery at church. I'm on week six and now I don't cry at all when mommy and daddy leave. And I'm happy as a clam when they pick me up! The nursery director can barely believe the change in me =)
  • My parents still think I'm one of the funniest people they've ever met. {Almost} everything I do puts a smile on their face. Except for when I do this...

  • But, then I do this and it's all better...

  • I'm truly a happy, happy girl and feel so loved by my family. I run to the door every night when my daddy gets home from work. He tells me he loves me 1,586 times a day. Ethan gives me hugs and kisses before every nap. Mommy gives me nuzzles, sings me songs, and takes such good care of me. Thanks for checking in on my update!