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Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Mashup - Birthdays, Basketball, and Spring!

The final days of March are winding down and it's been a pretty quiet month for us! Thought it would be fun to take a quick look back:

Happy Spring! In classic Indiana fashion, we ushered in Spring with 70 degree temperatures one week and snow flurries the next! We will take whatever sunshine we can get though...and we make sure we're outside as much as possible when it's warm. Last weekend, we took Ethan and Emerson over to IU's campus and just walked around the Sample Gates and let Ethan run around. Eric's had fun taking him outside after he gets home from work on the days where it's been nice. When the cold temps hit again, we stayed busy having play dates, lunch dates, and hanging out at home!

Big news in Ethan's world is him and daddy got a bird feeder! It's in the backyard and in perfect view for Ethan to look out the window and see all the birds. He always says, "birdies come home now." One day, there was a bunny rabbit that was eating the bird seed and he absolutely loved it. He takes his bird feeder very seriously...must take after his dad (who secretly is googling what type of birds we have!)

Call us crazy, but we went to Target and bought Ethan a baseball tee and have been playing baseball inside our tiny house all week! He loves it! Of course I need to brag on him - he seriously hits the ball every time he puts it on the tee - it's so cool! Even better?? He bats LEFT handed?!?! He does every thing else right handed, but instinctively has been holding the bat lefty. Yessss, hopefully this means he will ambidextrous and will get a college scholarship hahaha!! =)

Emerson is doing great and just turned nine months old (full update coming soon)! We are just amazed at everything she does now and feel like we're in the "newborn phase" because we didn't get to enjoy the first half of her life thus far because of colic. She's just a happy, gorgeous little babe! Sometimes I forget she's at the point now where she can be eating "real" food so I've tried to get better about feeding her tiny pieces of fruit, bread, and veggies. We've never doubted the fact that this girl likes to eat!

March Madness is in full swing and we've had fun watching lots (and lots!) of basketball. We got all decked out in our IU gear for Indiana's game...ahhh, very short lived =) It's funny because every time we turn on a game, Ethan thinks IU is playing and says "Hoosiers! Hoosiers"!

We celebrated my dad and I's birthday this month too! Per usual, we stretched out the birthday celebrations over several days =) It was great grilling out with Papaw, Ginka, Uncle Jeffrey, and the boys and then having a wonderful lunch with Pops the next day! On my actual birthday, it was a special treat because Eric was home and I got to spend all day with him and the kiddos =) He woke up with both Ethan and Emerson and treated me to chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Then we went to lunch at a place we had never tried before and that night grabbed a drink at a new bar here in town. Ethan picked out my birthday card...Mickey Mouse of course =)

Birthday Lunch!

Ah, life with two. One eating my hair and one having a meltdown.

It was a super fun month and we're definitely looking forward to the warmer temperatures sticking around for good!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

{Eight Months Old - Emerson!}

Hello Family and Friends!

Wow, wasn't that a fast month? I feel like I was just telling you about me being seven months old! I've had some exciting changes lately:
  • I've gotten pretty sturdy while sitting up now. Everyone comments on what great posture I have. I like to sit on the floor and play with Ethan. I like to reach, reach, reach for toys in front of much I usually topple right over and end up on my belly or back!
  • I've decided that while sitting is fun, starting to move is way better! I have a sneaky suspension that I'll be crawling here in the next couple weeks. I like to pull myself up on mommy or daddy and pretty much get up on my knees. Ethan shows me what it means to crawl. It's going to be fun learning things from him.

  • I can clap my hands! I keep my left hand closed in a fist, my right hand is open, and I tap them together. I like to clap when I hear music or when I'm happy.
  • I've also started bouncing up and down when I hear music. A lot of my toys have buttons that light up and play fun songs and I like that.

  • I can hold my own bottle! It makes me feel very big.
  • We made a huge stride in the sleeping department this past month. Mommy used to rock me for a hour (or longer!) for my afternoon nap and at bedtime. Sometimes she would put me down and I would wake right back up and cry out for her. Well, we had a little talk and we decided that it was time for me to start soothing myself back to sleep. Now, mommy rocks me for a couple minutes and puts me down when I'm sleepy. Then I can lay there, think about my day, about my amazing family, suck on my fingers, and fall asleep!

  • I am sleeping 12-13 hours a night with a good morning nap (1.5-2 hours) and good afternoon nap (1.5-2 hours).
  • Now that I'm sturdy while sitting, I said "no more baby tub!" I'm in a yellow ducky tub and taking baths is fun!!
  • I like loud noises like the vacuum, hair dryer, and blender. My eyes get really big at first and then I start laughing and kicking my legs in excitement. Ethan tells me he loves vacuums too.
  • I like to reach out and touch mommy and daddy's face when they are talking to me. Daddy has a scratchy beard and a fuzzy head. I think it's funny when I touch it. He's also the best at playing peek-a-boo.

  • I love my Uncle David. So much that I let him hold me for a long, long time and I was actually smiling and happy! (Don't say anything, but I think the rest of our family was really jealous because I cry when anyone else holds me!) I don't know what it is about Uncle Dave - maybe his bald head reminds me of daddy so I feel safe?
  • I look just like my brother.
  • I put everything in my mouth. And I drool.

  • I am really good at playing independently on the floor by myself. It really helps mommy so she can wash bottles, run into the other room, etc. She surrounds me with toys and I have a ball!
  • We went in for a weight check and I weigh 14 lbs. 13 oz. I'm little for my age even though my chubby cheeks say otherwise!

  • I finally got to meet my two best friends this month, Jameson and Julian. Our mommies are best friends so naturally we are too. They are both four months old. Aunt Jessica bought me an IU onesie so we could all take a picture together, but I decided to blow my diaper out right before our photo shoot. Such a lady =) We make a good looking trio don't we?
  • I've really found my voice. I pretty much "talk" all the time - cooing, squealing, etc. I like to squeal at my cat, Max, when he meows. I also like to talk on the changing table and when I'm playing with my toys.

As you can see, I'm changing and growing so much! My world is very exciting and I can't wait to continue to explore and learn. Thanks for reading all about me!

Ethan's 2 1/2 Years Old!

My sweet baby boy is 2 1/2 years old! He is changing literally right before our eyes and I had to make sure I was writing down everything he's doing because I want to savor this stage. He is a total sponge, an observer, and learns by those around him. Here are some fun things about Ethan at this age:
  •  Your vocabulary has increased ten-fold. Most people would consider you a late talker, but your progression has been amazing to watch. You went from saying a handful of words, to finally starting to put two words together, and now can talk in three or four word sentences. It's so much fun to hear you say a new word and I know your mind is just working in double time! The best part about you talking is trying to figure out what exactly you're saying. Here are some of our favorites:
    • "Ba-ball" - basketball
    • "Sea-o" - cereal
    • "Chock-it" - chocolate
    • "Bozer" - bulldozer
    • "Pire-truck" - firetruck
    • "Ank-u" - thank you
    • "Peas" - please
    • "Moon dars" - moon and stars
    • "Pick-tur" - picture
    • "Blue-boys" - blueberries
    • "Staw-bees" - strawberries
    • "What that is?" - what is that
  • You've also started to learn the meaning behind words. For example, you will pick up a thick book and say "that's heavy"; when you feel something fluffy you say "that's soft," and when someone is doing something funny you say "that's silly." You've also picked up on possession of things..."mommy's water," "daddy's phone," "Ethan's blanket," etc.
  • You're definitely working on your manners and can use please/thank you correctly and also cover your mouth when you cough. You've started to say "bless you" after someone sneezes and I even heard you say "excuse me" one time after you burped =)
  • You love anything to do with construction vehicles, fire trucks, police cars, trains, and airplanes.
  • You can (somewhat) drink water from a cup with no lid. We tried it out the other week and you loved it. We're no where close to letting you have a cup by yourself because you either dumped it on the table or on your clothes...but, it was a good first step!
  • When you see basketball on TV, you get really excited and say "Hi Joe!!" for Grandpa Joe and you always think the Hoosiers are playing. You love to say "Go IU" and "Hoosiers"!
  • Right now your main diet consists of pancakes, cereal, milk, repeat. It's not even that you're a picky eater, but you just don't like eating. There are days where you just eat a couple bites at each meal and you're fine. People laugh when I tell them it's a success if we can get you to eat five bites of cereal, half a banana, three strawberries, etc.

  • I'm pretty sure you would dip anything in syrup, chocolate, or ketchup.
  • You melt our hearts when out of no where you'll come give us a big, tight hug or a kiss on the mouth.
  • As sweet as you are the majority of the time, you're also two. There are weeks where you really test your boundaries to see what you can get away with. You absolutely know right from wrong, but sometimes want to see how sly you can be. We've started to implement time out and you cooperate, but we will see how long that remains effective. We try and just ask you to make a better choice and if you don't then there is a consequence. When you get mad and frustrated you usually do one of four things: (1) scream as loud as you can, (2) get on the floor and bang your head, (3) hit, or (4) put something in your mouth (like a toy) and grit your teeth.
  • Let's talk about boo-boo's. You got your blood drawn back in December and had to have a bandaid on your arm - three months later, you still talk about your boo-boo and tell anyone and everyone who will listen. You raise your sleeve up, point to your arm, and say "boo-boo."
  • Papaw hit his head on the clock and had to get stiches. You talked about this for months too! You would tell the story, "Papaw. Head. Clock. Boo-Boo. Ouch." Even when his stiches were gone, you would talk about his boo-boo every single time you saw him ("boo-boo all gone" "bandaid all gone"!) Oddly enough, all your stuffed animals started having boo-boo's on their head and when I asked you what happened you would tell me they hit their head on the clock =)
  • You like having your back rubbed. Almost every morning, I will get you out of the crib and change your pajamas (potty update later!) and you'll lay across my lap and say in the most pitiful voice "baaack." You won't let me put new clothes on you until I've rubbed your back.
  • Your imagination is unfolding every day and it's so cool to watch. You've started to play pretend by telling me you're making pancakes with a bowl and spoon (chocolate chip pancakes at that!), you will have a conversation with someone on your pretend phone, you grab a suitcase out of the closet and say you're going on a trip, etc.
  • You love anything to do with music. I truly believe you're going to be musically talented (it's in your genes)! You can play "pretend" piano, drums, guitar, and violin. When a song comes on the music station or radio, you can name the instrument you hear which I think is so cool. You like to sing and it's the cutest thing. You usually use the end of your golf club as your microphone =)
  • You've become very particular about what you wear and have started picking out your own clothes. It's not uncommon for a mini-tantrum to arise if I don't dress you in your basketball sweatshirt, fire truck shirt, or football socks. That's okay though - I like your independence!
  • You still take two naps a day and, yes, you still need both. You're a boy who loves his sleep and when you don't get enough it shows!
  • You played in the snow for the first time this year! Last year, you weren't walking yet so we never took you out in the cold fluff. But, you've had a blast with daddy this winter throwing snow at each other and helping him shovel the driveway. You even built your first snowman!

  • Your love for Mickey Mouse has really taken off. You barely knew who Mickey was before Emerson was born, but sometimes mommy just needs a distraction and Mickey is always the answer! Your favorite character is definitely Goofy. You always ask "where Goofy is?" When the episode is over, you wave bye to Mickey and tell me Mickey and Goofy are going to nap.
  • Aunt Laura and Uncle John got you your first set of Legos for Christmas and you really enjoy building things. You get excited when you stack blocks together to build a tower or when you build a "pire truck." You've gotten really good at dumping all the Legos out of the bucket...and haven't quite mastered putting them back IN the bucket!
  • If you could go to church every day, you would. You love our Wednesday nights at church. You play in the two-year old room and it's so fun to peek through the window to watch you playing. Ms. Holly absolutely adores you and says what an amazing boy you are each week. You always give her a big hug goodbye. You pick up on the songs she teaches you very quickly. It's adorable to hear you sing about Jesus. When we sit down for dinner, the first thing you do is clap your hands together to pray.
  • A cute story about you: one night there was a beautiful sunset - the sky was all shades of pink and orange. I told you God made that beautiful sunset for us to enjoy and you peered out the window in awe. The next morning, we were eating breakfast at the table and you looked outside and said "Hi Jesus!!!" And then you lifted your shirt sleeve to show Jesus your "boo-boo." =)
  • You have started to count and it's really cute - you typically will say something like "one, two, three, four, ten, four, seven, nine..."! I have heard you count (in order) up to seven. And the other day we started with "one, two, three" and you immediately followed with "four, five, six"!
  • You surprised us the other day when you were playing with a block that had shapes on it and said triangle, heart, circle, etc.
  • Over the summer, we bought you a little frog potty to sloooowly start introducing you to the concept. You thought it was fun to sit on it, but your interest faded and we took a couple months off. Then you decided you wanted to sit on the big potty - and sometimes even stand! We still don't push the topic, we just let you guide the way. There are days where you tell me you need to go so I'll follow you back to the bathroom and it's as simple as that. Other days you want nothing to do with it. No matter what though, we always make a big deal about your interest!

  • You ate a crayon a couple weeks ago. A bright blue crayon. You looked like a smurf with your blue teeth and blue tongue.
  • The best part about you being 2 1/2 is what an AMAZING big brother you are! Son, you certainly weathered the storm along with mommy and daddy while Emerson was colicky. You were (and still are!) quite the trooper. Now that she is more interactive, you absolutely love to be around her. Every morning (and when she wakes up from a nap), you race into her room and peer over the bassinet shouting "HI SIS!!" "SISTER"! You love to play with her and put lots and lots of toys in her lap. You ask to hold her, feed her, and burp her. No one makes her laugh like you do. You think it's funny when she reaches out to grab you, when y'all play "tug-o-war" with your blanket, and when you make her pull off your socks. You always give her a sweet kiss goodnight. It's going to be a lot of fun to see how you react when she starts crawling and going places!

Ethan is just a ball of joy. He really does make life better and he will always be our sweet baby who made us parents...who gave us the kind of love we never knew possible. I'll never be able to write down every memory, every funny thing he said, or highlight all the good (and bad!) times, but it'll be so fun to look back on this "snapshot" of Ethan at 2 1/2 and be thankful for what an incredible boy he is! We love you bud!