Baby on Board!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Funny Boy!

While my blog posts are few and far in between lately, I always keep notes on my phone about the funny things the kids are doing and saying. Ethan's speech continues to improve almost daily. As frustrated as I get that he is in the "no" phase and whines 98% of the time, keeping lists like this reminds me to stay present and in the moment and always gives me a reason to laugh. Here are some of the things I've written down the last few months:

  • One morning I was petting Max and he accidentally scratched me. When I responded "ouch," Ethan goes, "Mommy, Maxey have a knife?"
  • During the summer when it was hot outside, we would come inside into the A/C and he would say, "Mommy, say schew." (as in, man does it feel good in here!)

  • I'm so proud of the fact that he can count to 13 and will randomly break out in his version of the ABC's...which really is A, B, C, D, F,G, O,P, Z =)

  • I fixed something for Ethan one time and he said, "mommy saved the day!"
  • Every time he sees a bird while we're driving he will say, "look mommy, I see an eagle!"
  • Pancakes are one of Ethan's favorites. I always include a little bit of syrup and one morning he looked down at his plate and said, "mommy, it's a heart." Sure enough, I look down and the syrup was in the shape of a heart. My heart = melted.
  • Whenever he hears anything, he always says, "what's that noisy?"
  • We were having a storm outside and Ethan said, "Thunder awake!!"
  • I've mentioned several times that his imagination is awesome right now. He loves to take a pretend cup and pretend like he's drinking "coffee." He loves to pretend like he's in the drive thru and ask, "you want a diet coke?" hahahaha, and he loves to take a bolt from his toolbox and pretend like it's ice cream.

  • Every night when Eric puts Ethan down for bed, he will ask him "what are you going to dream about?" Ethan proceeds to go on and on....and on...about "sister, mommy, daddy, sister, my new house, my blower, my tools, sister, and my lawnmower." Then Eric will ask him what he should dream about and our sweet boy will say, "Ethan." =)
I'm sure there is a hundred other funny things I could list, but I wanted to at least highlight some of the things I remember. He is slowly starting to enter the "why?" phase so I imagine plenty more sayings are in our future!