Baby on Board!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

{Five Months Old - Carolina!}

Hi Family and Friends!

It's been a BIG month for me. A lot can change from being four months old. Here's a look into what I've been up to:
  • I love my hands. I like to have them in my mouth at ALL times. Sometimes I suck on a couple fingers like my big sister did, but mostly I just gnaw away at my fist.
  • I weigh 10 lbs. 11 oz. and am 24" long. I am a peanut.
  • I am starting to make more noise. Most people say the third baby doesn't talk a lot because their older siblings do the talking for them - I'm finding that to be quite true. But sometimes I muster up enough energy to let out the sweetest little "coo" or start blowing raspberries at my daddy.

  • I have long eyelashes.

  • Guess what I've been hiding? My laugh! I laughed for the first time and it melted mommy's heart. What to know who made me giggle out loud? My favorite big brother, Ethan! He was being silly and throwing diapers in the air and I thought it was so funny.

  • I love to watch Ethan and Emerson. They always make me smile. They LOVE to come wake me up from my nap. Emerson is insistent that she opens the door. Then they come in and lean over my rock-n-play saying "baby! baby!"
  • Mommy and daddy tell me I am definitely the drooliest baby they've had =) I wear a bib at all times and soak through them quite frequently.

  • I've learned that I can suck on my thumbs...both of them! I clasp my hands together and go to town!
  • It's fun to play on my activity mat. Usually Emerson will come over and lay with me. When I'm on my back, I like to roll over to my side.

  • I celebrated my first Christmas! Mommy made a separate post about Christmas here, but it was a lot of fun. Mommy and daddy made me take a picture with a big 'ol man who had a fuzzy beard.

  • Unfortunately, being five months old has it's downfalls too...I got my first cold and my first ear infection. It started with a cough that made my whole body rumble, then I couldn't breathe and was really congested, then my ears started to hurt and I would thrash my head around and stopped sleeping. We had a rough two week period where I just didn't feel like myself. Mommy took me to the doctor, got some medicine, and now I'm sleeping better again. She knew I started to feel better when I began to smile and make noise again =)
    Still have smiles even at the doctor!
  • Besides the couple weeks I was sick, I am usually sleeping from 9:30pm-8am.
  • Because I'm getting bigger, mommy faces me out when she wears me in the carrier sometimes. It's fun to kick my legs.
  • I still hate the car. And cry my eyes out. All the time. UNLESS, mommy is in the backseat with me:
  • I can play with toys now! My favorite toy is a set of rubber keys. I like to hold the ring and rub it against my gums.
  • Want to know my new trick? I can suck on my toes!! Wow, I knew I had ten little fingers...then I discovered I have ten little toes! Now that I know they are down there, I'm always grabbing for my feet.


  • When we go to church, I stay in the nursery now! Desiree and Kelly are mommy's friends and they looooove when there's a chance to get their hands on me! Mommy is so excited when it's time to pick me up - especially because they tell her what a good girl I've been!
Mommy always tells me to stay little forever. She likes me at this age because I'm her cuddly, smiley, and CUTE baby. I get compliments all the time on my big blue eyes and how alert I am. Growing older is fun - I like to learn new things. I hope you'll come back and visit next month to see my latest accomplishments!