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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Christmas Recap!

Eeekkk, almost a month has gone by since Christmas and here I am just posting about it! Our Christmas worked out really well this year by celebrating with different families on different weekends. This was a change from how it's been in the past where we usually split time on the actual Christmas holiday. Our first Christmas was with Pa and Gigi who came up from Tennessee. The kids were super excited to have them stay with us and made a welcome sign to decorate their door. It was a perfect weekend for them to visit because Ethan had his choir performance at church so all seven grandparents got to see his choir debut! How special! Ethan was definitely more into opening presents this year and was so excited to get a cool dump truck shirt, new books, and fun bath toys from Pa and Gigi.


The following weekend we headed up to Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Kristen's house so we could have Christmas with Grandpa Joe! Anytime you get all five kiddos together it's bound to get chaotic at times, but Kristen and I both agreed that was one of the most smooth and...dare I say...relaxing visits we've all had!! GASP! The kids were so funny - of course they just wanted to play with each other's toys and we all had to make sure we went home with the right stuff!

That's about right...all we wanted was one picture. Just one.

Next up was our Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw Steve over at our house. Ethan was getting quite used to opening presents with this being his third celebration already! haha! We were most excited about Ethan's "big" gift which Mamaw was nice enough to ask permission from Eric and I to make sure it was okay =) Check out his new set of wheels...

Ethan and Emerson were having a blast riding in the Jeep and we've had a couple nice days this winter where they've taken it for a spin!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent out at Papaw and Ginka's house with ALL the aunts, uncles, and cousins...18 people total plus two dogs!! The adults were bound and determined to make this year different from years past when opening gifts turned into a chaotic mess of clutter and confusion. The kids did AMAZING - we sat them in a circle and they took turns opening one gift at a time so we could all see what they got. Keep in mind, five out of the seven were under four years old so to keep them seated for longer than one minute was a huge success! =)


It was such a special time to spend Christmas with our entire family. We say it all the time how lucky we feel whenever our kiddos get to see all of their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Ethan just adores his oldest cousins, Aidan and Sydney. I think he would be Aidan's shadow if he could. And the more we see Kaleb and Emerson together the more we think they are two peas in a pod =) {Most comments regarding them should be followed up with...God love them!} Haha. So thankful for all the great pictures and memories we made!
One of my favs.

Couldn't pick a better role model for Ethan! =)

This girl is OVER the Christmas cheer.

Cousins, Cousins, and more Cousins!
These two...=)