Baby on Board!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Catching Up On Life!

I am bound and determined to get this blog caught up and post more often, but I'll tell you, it's tough! =) I'm taking advantage of being able to put Carolina down a little early tonight, uploaded the pictures from my phone, and will give a quick recap on what we've been up to in the last month or so!

***Just for the record, she woke right back up and I had to spend the next 20 minutes rocking her. And then it was 10pm and my bedtime. THIS is why the blog never gets updated =) ***

We've been blessed with some awesome weather this winter! We have taken full advantage of the warmer temperatures and have enjoyed time at the park and outside in our backyard.

Emerson swinging her stuffed animal =)

A couple weeks ago, Curious George came to Bloomington and we were excited to go meet him...well, Ethan was. Emerson, not so much. I'm pretty sure Santa has scarred her for life. Disney World is no where in her future =) Ethan was so cute though. He went right up to George and gave him a hug and asked me very important questions like how George got to the toy store and where the Man in the Yellow Hat was. The second Emerson saw him, she literally started shaking so bad she almost fell to the ground. She started backing away, crying, and hid behind the shelves the REST of the time we were there. She wouldn't move - it was like she was stuck in cement. Oh man, so good.

Ethan and I got to spend some much needed mommy-son time together two weekends ago. One of the preschools in town was hosting an Art Fair for preschoolers - right down Ethan's alley! Each classroom was set up with different activities and projects. It was incredible - and all free to the community. It was no surprise Ethan was drawn to the painting in each room...he just loves it. We also made bracelets by threading colored pasta on pipe cleaners, made sun catchers to hang on the window by gluing confetti on plastic lids, and made a cool design on a paper plate with markers on an old record player!

Last weekend, Eric was out of town so I took the kids to Bloomington Bagel for a fun outing. They love going there because they know it means a mega big chocolate chip cookie they can split. Plus they have toys there for kids...and coffee for mommies =)

We've also loved our quiet mornings at home. I'm so thankful for the days when I can tell the kids just need to be home. I don't take for granted the times when I notice peace within our house and both kids are playing nicely together with all their toys. The silence is music to my ears!!

This one particular morning was so funny because the kids went upstairs to get dressed and came downstairs in their swimsuits! Haha! They were soooo excited about it....Emerson literally slept in her swimsuit top for two days straight. Don't judge. Over Christmas, Eric and I got a gag gift from a couple in our small group and it was a box full of Pizza Express cups...who knew it could be such great entertainment. The kids loved building towers and knocking them down.

Oh! Valentine's Day recap. So, I'll admit I love this holiday - not so much the holiday itself, but more so the decorations. Who doesn't get happy seeing bright colors and hearts everywhere?! Since Ethan is in preschool now, this was the first time we had to bring in Valentine's to his class for his party. He loved coming home and opening the Valentine's from his classmates. He was most excited about the Spider-Man card he got. At the last minute, I decided Eric and I would throw the kids a Valentine's party at our house. As much as I said I wasn't going to get into it....I got into it. I went to the dollar store and stocked up. In my mind, this is how it would go: I would decorate the kitchen with tablecloth, cute paper plates, name cards, etc. and we would have a fun candlelit dinner with the kids. Here's how it really went. Eric and I spent the night before handcrafting special Valentine's to our sweet children. That evening, he took them upstairs to play so I could get the table decorated. The kids decided not to nap that day so our night was full of tears, tantrums, and two kids who could've cared less about our special dinner =) One day. One day we will have normal. Haha.

So that was a quick glimpse into our life during February! Now if I can just get Carolina's six month blog update up - since she's seven months...!!! =) 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Carolina's First Flight!

At the end of January, Carolina and I got to take a very special weekend trip down to Atlanta for my cousin, Sarah's, wedding. I have never flown with any of my kids before so it was certainly a BIG achievement to do it for the first time. Going into it, I wasn't worried about how she would be on the flight. I knew if I had her in the wrap she would be just fine. I was more so nervous about pushing the stroller, rolling my bag, and maneuvering through the airport. Turns out the hardest part was just that: getting from my parked car, to the shuttle (while snowing), and into the actual airport. Once I was inside and could check my bag, all I had to focus on was Carolina =) Timing wise, my flights both there and back worked out perfectly - both around the noon hour which is usually when she's awake. I didn't really have to alter my feeding schedule either so it was all very smooth. The staff at Delta was extremely nice and SO helpful when it came to letting me board first, helping me with my stroller and car seat, and even assembling it for me when I reached ATL so when I stepped off the plane it was ready to go. She did great on both flights - I nursed her the majority of the time. People recommend nursing during take off and landing to help their ears with the changes in pressure - lucky for me it was a short, one-hour flight so I didn't have a lot of time to "entertain" her. Of course those sitting around me were just in love with her and laughed every time she flashed that big gummy smile.

I knew we would be "off schedule" as far as naps and bedtimes go all weekend with the wedding festivities. Having that said, she did AMAZING. Thank God for the wrap I wear her in - baby wearing is a life-saver! The plan was to have her sleep in a pack-n-play in my hotel room, but she wasn't having that. So she slept on my chest each night which meant decent sleep for her - not so much for me =)

It was such a beautiful weekend to spend with our family celebrating sweet Sarah! Her, Daniel, and their families hosted a wonderful wedding and we're so thankful for the memories we made. It was also extremely special for me to spend time with just Carolina. All I've wanted since she was born is "time" with her - not only because the months are flying off the calendar and moving fast, but also because I have Ethan and Emerson to take care of as well. She is only a baby for so long and this weekend really helped me soak up her precious little face.