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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Months Old!

Hi Family and Friends!

I'm officially 10 months old - only two more months of these silly sticker pictures! I have definitely gone through a recent growth spurt. Not only do a look bigger, but mommy has noticed how much heavier the car seat is! I want to tell you about some of the fun things I'm doing now that I'm 10 months old:
  • I finally rolled from my back to belly! Mommy and daddy were wondering if this would ever happen and one day I surprised them when during my nap I rolled to my belly! I do it a lot now in my crib - I like to sleep on my belly...just like mommy!
  • I love to use my index finger for everything. Sometimes I'm pointing, but I mostly use it to touch helps me feel textures. I love to touch Max, buttons, plants, and especially noses! I love to touch the nose of whomever is talking to me with my index finger.
  • Daddy taught me how to turn the lights on/off with the light switch! I use my index finger and flip the lights off every time I leave my room!

  • I am sooo close to waving hello and goodbye. I can wave to myself no problem! I do it all the time. Now I just need to turn my hand around so I can wave to other people!
  • I'm still not crawling, but I think by next month I will definitely be doing some sort of cruising. During tummy time, mommy puts a toy in front of me to reach out to. But after some wiggling around, I'm usually further away than I started because I've scooted backwards! When I'm sitting up, sometimes I rock back and forth so much it looks like I could take off scooting any minute! I'm also really good at standing while holding on to the couch or crib!
  • Wanna know a fun fact about me? I sleep with one arm behind my back at (almost) all times. I don't know why, but apparently it's pretty comfortable to me!
  • Want to guarantee a smile or laugh out of me? Show me a picture or video of myself and I'll crack up!! Never fails! When I watch videos of myself, I usually squeal and try and mimic the noises I'm making in the video!

  • Just within the last couple days, I've started to put syllables together and am quite the chatterbox. It sounds like this, "da-da-da-da-ba-ba-ba-ba"!
  • I sleep 13-14 hours a night with two long naps during the day (1 hr. 45 min. - 2 hours).
  • I haven't found a food I don't like! Here's what's been on my menu lately: blueberries, strawberries, sweet potato, ricotta cheese, shredded chicken, tofu (yes, tofu!), cut up hamburger, hummus, broccoli, black beans, bananas, and lots of watermelon!

We are almost halfway through the summer, can you believe it? I can't wait to spend my days splashing in the pool, being cute, learning new tricks, and being a happy, happy baby!

Ethan =)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My First Haircut!

Another "first"! We couldn't take it anymore...we HAD to cut Ethan's hair!! It had grown like wild weeds hanging over his ears...and the top, oh lord, it was starting to wave in the Indiana humidity! =) Honestly, though, we could tell it was bothering Ethan because he would always scratch his ears like it was tickling him. We will take him to a barber for his first "official" haircut sometime soon, but this was just a homemade trim! He didn't mind at all, but we had to laugh at the picture where he's staring at the scissors like, "what in the world are you going to do with those?!" We got enough to put in an envelope for his baby book!

I also have to post the next series of pictures because they are so funny. Ethan is definitely in the stage (and has been for awhile) where he wants to grab anything within reach. A lot of times, I'll put Ethan in his activity seat on the kitchen table, set something down like a cup, and then not realize it was too close until I hear (or see) the cup crashing down to the ground! =) You would think I would learn...the other day, I was giving him a cheese puff and set the canister down. Before I know it, I look around and'll get the picture...

Haha, he was so proud of himself!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's First Father's Day!

We've had such a great weekend celebrating Eric's first Father's Day! As part of my gift to Eric, I got him a 'daddy-and-me' mini photo session with a local photographer. We met her Friday evening out at Karst Farm Park where she spent about 20 minutes snapping pictures of just Eric and Ethan. Oh, they both looked so cute and I cannot wait to see the finished product! I thought it would be a great way to remember his first Father's Day! Saturday, both my boys slept in - can you believe Ethan slept until 9:15am?! Him and Eric got up at the same time! This boy (Ethan) has been sleeping soooo much this past week. He's been sleeping for about 14 hours at night and then taking two long naps during the day. Maybe it's a growth spurt? One thing we do know for sure is this boy can sleep! After we got through with the first feeding, we headed out to Mays Greenhouse so Eric could buy some more flowers. My hubs has quite the green thumb and I just absolutely love that about him. He's already got a couple pots out on the patio, but he's been itching for more! Saturday evening, Grandpa Joe, Uncle Jeffrey and cousin Jayden came over for a cookout. It was the first time this season we've fired up the grill! Ethan and Jayden got lots of good playtime together - or more so Ethan watching Jayden run around since he is non-stop! And it's always great seeing Grandpa Joe with his boys!

Sunday, Ethan hand delivered his Father's Day card to Daddy in bed! It was so sweet - Ethan was so excited about the card since it had a friendly lion on it and lots of colors =) Then we headed over to Ginka and Papaw's house for brunch and got treated to quite the spread. It was a pretty rainy morning so after everyone got full bellies, it was nap time! Eric and Ethan both took naps when we got home so it was a pretty quiet afternoon!

I know I didn't feel any different on Mother's Day, but I hope Eric enjoyed "his" day. There's no question he is such an amazing father to Ethan - and this is just the beginning! We've only had ten months practice of being his parents! There is certainly no one...absolutely no one...who can make Ethan laugh like daddy!! It brings me so much joy watching them together. I feel pretty lucky I get to spend every day with these two!!
Happy First Father's Day!
My two favorites!

Friday, June 7, 2013

9 Month Stats and Pictures!

Doesn't he look so big?
The doctor was so pleased with Ethan's progress during his nine-month appointment last week! He officially weighs 16.6 lbs and is 28.75" long! He didn't have to get shot this time around, but did have to get a finger prick to draw some blood. Let me tell you, he was one unhappy camper. He cried, and cried, and cried big 'ol crocodile tears - and stuck that little lower lip out every time the nurses looked at him. Everyone couldn't help but laugh - he was pitiful! He was all better once daddy showed up!
Daddy makes everything better!
So big!
It's been a quiet week around the house so not too much to write about! Just thought I'd leave you with some cute pictures of my handsome, handsome little man =))