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Monday, June 13, 2016

Third Trimester w/Baby #3!

28 Weeks
Ahhhh, remember the days when I was pregnant with Ethan and I used to post updates every couple weeks?? Haha, now I've resorted to one post during each trimester this time around! =) That being said, this sweet baby definitely deserves an update on how momma's been feeling the last couple months!

Right around week 26, I started noticing some sciatic/hip pain that was so crippling I couldn't walk without limping. Literally every step I took would send shooting pain in my back/tailbone area and going up the stairs and holding the kids was brutal. I talked to a couple friends who had success with chiropractic care during their pregnancy so I decided to give it a shot. After our initial meeting, the chiropractor thought it was more hip, bone-on-bone, pain rather than sciatica. He said the discomfort was coming from where the hip bone attaches to the bottom of the spine - the S1 area. He put together a wellness plan combining adjustments, massage, and ultrasound therapy. I am about four weeks into treatment and I can definitely say I'm better than where I was when I started. My walk isn't 100% pain free, but I have much better range of motion and ease of moving around. I measure my success by baby steps...I can walk up the stairs without pulling myself up on the railing, I can (for the most part) lunge forward on my right foot during a workout without sharp pain, etc. The plan is to continue therapy all the way up until baby comes so I'm hoping I continue to see improvement in these final weeks!
26 Weeks with all three babes!

Post workout 30 Weeks
I've been super proud of myself that even though I've been dealing with this pain the last month, I've continued to remain active and workout 4-5 days a week. Beachbody has a whole series of maternity workouts that coordinate with what trimester you're in. It's funny how the third trimester workout seems "easy," but boy, I am huffing and puffing by the end of it! I think back to this same time when I was pregnant with Emerson and Ethan and I would walk two miles almost every single day. With my back/hip pain, there's no way I could do that now, but I'm enjoying these workouts so much more. I feel way stronger and healthier heading into this delivery.

Everyone's first question besides "how are you feeling?" is always if we have a name yet. The answer is NOPE! =) Eric and I have always had different opinions on names. After we found out we were having another girl, we made a list of names we both liked...and well, that's about as far as we've gotten. I'm sure as we get a little closer we will talk more seriously about it, but for now we'll leave it be!

31 Weeks
Baby is super active - especially from 9-11pm. Every night when I lay down, she literally has a field day in my belly for about 30 minutes straight. I love just watching my belly dance around and laugh when I think about what she's actually doing in there. My doctor appointments are every two weeks now...super quick heartbeat check and I'm out the door. As with the other two babes, my doctor thinks I'll have another small baby (under 7 lbs.). C-section is scheduled for August 11 unless she decides to come sooner =)

It's been fun to go back and read the third trimester updates from Ethan and Emerson. Even more fun to do side-by-side picture comparisons!

28 Weeks with all three babes! No coincidence in color choice! =)

30 1/2 Weeks with Baby #2 and #3!