Baby on Board!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!

I'm one and I got to have a birthday party on Saturday to celebrate! My day started off extra special when both mommy and daddy came to wake me up and sang happy birthday to me. Then mommy made me a special birthday breakfast of milk, a blueberry waffle in the shape of #1, and blueberries on the side (she must know they are my absolute favorite)! Mommy put me down for my morning nap, but I didn't really sleep because I was too excited for my party! We headed over to Papaw and Ginka's house to put the finishing touches on the party before my family started to arrive. Here were some of my favorite things:
  • We had a slideshow playing on the TV with a collection of pictures from my first year (thanks Pa!)
  • Mommy made a poster of all my "firsts" throughout the last year - my first cry, haircut, bath, toes in the sand, solid food, etc.
  • There was a timeline of my monthly sticker pictures where I got to see how tiny I was on month 1 and how big I was by month 12!
  • I got a special bib with my name on it and the #1!
I got spoiled rotten - there were so many presents for me to open! Mommy and daddy opened my gifts for me...I just liked the colorful wrapping paper and tissue paper. I got some new books, a couple really cool puzzles, some stacking blocks, so many clothes for the fall/winter, an IU football from Coach Wilson, and some other toys I can't wait to play with. Everyone did such a good job picking me out stuff I would love. I've spent all week playing with my new stuff!

My parents were telling me about this 'cupcake' that I would be having on my birthday. Whoa - who knew it would be so yummy!!! Everyone sang happy birthday to me and I started to cry...maybe it was because I didn't nap earlier in the day. But, as soon as mommy put that cupcake in front of me I started to cheer up. I got my first taste of pure sugar - bright green icing! I started by just putting some on my fingers and tasting it, but eventually I realized there was actually chocolate cake underneath all that icing! I started feeding myself mouthfuls of this yummy treat and before I realized it, I was elbow deep in green frosting! The sugar must've gone straight to my head because then I rubbed my face and got icing in my eyes. That didn't feel good so I kept rubbing and rubbing them. Before you knew it, I was covered and I looked around and everyone was laughing at me! They said I put on a good show. Daddy put me straight in the bath tub and washed me clean.



Birthday parties can sure wear you out...I was one tired boy by the end of the day! I felt so lucky that (almost) my entire family was there to celebrate ME! Spending the day with ALL my grandparents, great-grandma Ann, Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Kristen, my cousins, and the rest of my family was the best birthday present I could ask for!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Looking Back: The Year of Ethan!

It has been so much fun documenting Ethan's first year through this blog. It's been a joy sharing our journey with family and friends, and like most can't believe how fast the year has gone! I will spare you the mushy, emotional blog post about my son turning one. Part of me knows the words I would write wouldn't even do it justice. The other part of me wants to keep those words and memories private and save them for a letter to Ethan that I'll put in his baby book. However, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on the past year to see how much Ethan's changed and also how much fun we've had!

Month 1
Your first month was filled with lots of family visits! Everyone wanted to come see just how cute you were! You met all your grandparents, three aunts and uncles, and three cousins all within the first week of your life! Everyone couldn't get over how small and tiny you were and how alert you were - you always had your eyes open taking in your surroundings (except in this picture).
We gave you your first bath at about two weeks old. You weren't too sure about it at first - and neither were we! You were so small and slippery, but by the second bath you seemed to like it more. You didn't like when bath time was over and we had to put you in a towel and get you dressed.

We had newborn pictures taken of you during your first month as well. We laugh because usually newborn pictures are taken within the first week  - you were four weeks old when your pictures were taken! One of my most favorite pictures of you is from that photo session and is now proudly displayed in our foyer. The picture captured your innocent and precious eyes and it's a look I've seen many, many times throughout the last year - it melts my heart every time!

Month 2
We took our first family road trip to Chicago! Mommy and Daddy had a wedding to attend so Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Aidan, and Sydney all took such good care of you! Your cousins loved holding you and trying to make you smile. Aunt Laura and Uncle John love you so much and soaked up every minute of Ethan time!

You also celebrated your first official holiday - Halloween. Look how cute you are in your onesie.

Month two is when we found out you were having trouble gaining weight. You are one of Dr. Newby's favorite babies so she worked with Mommy to make sure we could plump you up as quickly as possible. We went to the doctor every week and the nurses got to know you so well! They would always come in to our room and say hi to you! You quickly discovered how much you liked being fed the extra amount of food - you were starting to turn into one happy baby!

Month 3
Speaking of happy baby, you finally started to smile during month 3!! Once you started gaining weight, you turned into a completely different baby. You were so much happier, less fussy, and your personality slowly started to peek through. It made mommy and daddy SO happy!!

Month three was also a big deal because you stopped sleeping in your car seat! Up to this point, you slept in your car seat on a big fluffy pile of blankets - you just loved being wrapped up and in a tight place. But since you were getting bigger, we decided it was time to lay you flat in the crib and you did great!

We took you to your first Indiana football game this month! One weekend we just went tailgating with some friends. You got passed around like a little football and didn't seem to mind one bit! Another weekend we actually went to the game, but only stayed for the first half. You were born to be a Hoosier!
Month 4
We took another road trip - this time to Tennessee to celebrate Thanksgiving with Pa, Gigi, Aunt Heather, Aunt Lauren, Uncle Michael, and cousin Eli. It was so nice being around family and having an extra set of hands to help take care of you!

We also moved into our new house this month! We had been living with Papaw and Ginka since you were born, but moved in December to your current home. You really like it - especially your room with all the fun colors and stripes on the walls.

Month 5
This was a BIG month for you! First, we celebrated Christmas! We took you to meet Santa for the first time which was a lot of fun. We had one Christmas celebration here at our house with Grandpa Joe, Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Kristen, and cousin Jayden. Then we had another celebration with Mamaw and Papaw Endris. Then we had another get together over at Papaw and Ginka's house with the rest of your aunts/uncles/cousins! You will quickly learn the holidays can be crazy - but so much fun!!

Guess what else you did this month? You rolled over for the first time! Oh, it was so exciting! We captured it on video and you seemed so proud of yourself after your accomplishment!

We started introducing you to solid foods as well. Sweet potatoes was the first thing you tried and you loved it! We quickly learned you liked just about anything and everything we fed you - good boy! =)
Month 6
You really started to come to life this month by expressing your personality more. You loved to stick out your tongue, blow raspberries, and make funny noises with your mouth! You also started to sit up with support from the Boppy pillow. We could tell you really enjoyed sitting up because you would get fussy if we laid you on your back to were turning into such a big boy! You became quite familiar with IU basketball games as me, you, and daddy would watch them together at home. You even saw how crazy passionate mommy and daddy can get over the Hoosiers! We also celebrated Valentine's Day and you were mommy's little valentine =)

Month 7
You were officially sitting up by yourself! We didn't need to put any pillows down around you because you were strong and sturdy! You also transitioned into the "big boy" tub! We got you a yellow duck that you could splash around in and you continued to love bath time! You would flap your arms and make water splash everywhere!

We celebrated mommy's 30th birthday and took another trip to Tennessee! You got to meet all of mommy and daddy's friends who couldn't keep their hands off you because you were so cute! Our friend Candice took family pictures of us at the park and you looked so handsome in your navy blue blazer =)

Month 8
The big highlight from this month was our first family vacation to Florida! We stayed in Seacreast with Pa, Gigi, Aunt Heather, and cousin Eli. Mommy thought it was a brilliant idea to drive to Florida with you by herself since daddy was flying down later in the week. Those turned out to be quite possibly the longest two days of my life! You were so unhappy because you didn't have anyone in the backseat to look at and play with! I don't blame you - I vow never to put you (or me!) through that again!

You had to warm up to the idea of the beach. You weren't quite sure about the squishy sand, bright sun, and very hot temperatures. You weren't quite sure about your Aunt Heather either. This trip produced one of the all-time fan favorite pictures of you from the last year...

It rained all week and we spent most of our time inside, but we did manage to dip your toes in the ocean. I think you'll like the beach a lot better next time we go =)

Month 9
We started introducing you to table foods in month nine. We started out with bananas, avocado, and itty bitty pieces of other fruits and vegetables. You would grab handfuls of food and shove it in your mouth - and even though it didn't always make it in your mouth, you were so proud! We tried lots and lots of new foods and found your favorites were blueberries and watermelon. And I think chicken is high on your list too.

You got to meet your new baby cousin, Kaleb, on May 18! You had fun visiting Aunt Kristen and Kaleb in the hospital.

Month 10
This was a big month of "firsts." One milestone you reached was learning to wave! And boy, once you realized you could do it you waved to everything! It was so stinking cute! You also celebrated your first Father's Day with daddy!! It was an extra special day and definitely one for the memory book.
You also got to experience your first time in the pool!! You loved splashing around and floating on daddy's chest. You even kicked your legs like you were actually swimming - maybe that'll be your future sport?

We gave you your first official ("at home") haircut during month ten. Your hair was so shaggy and tickling your ears so we snipped off just a little. Your first "real" haircut came next month.

Month 11
This was your first time at a salon for a big boy haircut! You did such a great job sitting still while Miss Heather gave you a handsome new do. This is probably one of my favorite pictures over the last year as well.

You had lots and lots of cousin time during this month. Aidan and Sydney visited for a whole week and they loooved playing with you. They thought everything you did was so cute and funny. We also saw Jayden and Kaleb a lot during Aunt Kristen's maternity leave. She got all the boys matching pajamas and we had a blast trying to have a photo shoot with you munchkins!

Month 12
It hasn't been announced on the blog yet, but the big news around the Graebe household is you finally started to crawl!! A week shy of your first birthday!! =) You've been working so hard and although you're still not really "mobile" yet, we know it's just a matter of time. You have much more of a desire to stand up then crawl.

We took another round of family pictures this month and they are the best yet! I will make sure to post them soon, but for now, here's a sneak peek:

Other than that, you've been the happiest, cutest, most lovable little "baby"! We are so excited to celebrate your FIRST birthday this weekend!

"Thank you" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on how grateful we are for our family and friends who have supported us the last year. Eric and I know this is just the beginning of a life full of laughter, memories, and more love than we could've ever imagined being the parents of our little man. The monthly sticker pictures may be over (which Ethan is happy about!), but I hope you'll still check back to see what Ethan's been up to! Hope you've enjoyed looking back on the last year as much as I have. Birthday pictures will follow soon!
We love you!