Baby on Board!

Friday, June 22, 2012

30 Weeks!

A double post for today - whoo hoo (see below for my TN shower recap)! We had a good checkup this week with Dr. Kling - he started me on prescription Nexium for my acid reflux because I've been having some issues with it. I think a lot of it is stress-induced (don't know why, right? leaving work, moving, not sleeping well, baby?), but I definitely think this medicine will help. Baby's heartbeat sounded great and he said baby is actually already head down and in position - so let's hope he stays that way! He is laying more on my right side which explains why every night when I roll over to sleep on my left side, I feel a ton of movement (aka, it feels like he's boxing in my stomach). It's kinda fun picturing him in there now that I know where he's located =) Soon enough, I'm sure I'll start feeling his "love taps" in my ribs!

Flying home in six days for my Indiana shower and cannot wait!! As usual, my weekend is completely filled with family festivities and visiting as many friends as possible. The whole fam (minus Eric and Jeffrey) will be renting a boat down at Lake Monroe on Friday - looking forward to giving my little munchkins (Aidan, Sydney, and Jayden) a big squeeze from their Aunt Jamie! I miss them!

Will give the full shower update when I get back!

Showered with Love!

My baby shower in Tennessee last weekend was a great way to kick off my baby festivities!! My girlfriends were so sweet and did an amazing job making baby and I feel extra special. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of friends - we've gone from engagement parties and bachelorette parties to weddings and now baby showers!

One of the first things I noticed at the shower was the fireplace mantle. The girls had printed off every bump picture I've posted on the blog and hung them in order by clothespins. It started with the very first ultrasound at eight weeks all the way up to my week 28 picture. Not gonna lie, it definitely got me choked up! Another cute idea was the diaper basket - diapers were set out in a basket along with a sharpie so as guests arrived they could leave a surprise message on the diaper. Just something fun because you never know what funny diaper you may pull out during a 2am feeding! =)

The afternoon started off with the yummy spread the girls prepared - veggies/fruit with scrumptious cream cheese/marshmallow dip (oh yeaaa!), goat cheese crositinis topped with tomatoes and basil, black bean and feta cheese dip, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies - a perfect afternoon treat! Then, it was time for presents!! I was truly overwhelmed by everyone's generosity - it made my heart melt with every gift I opened. Just knowing that all this is for baby makes me feel so good. Thanks to all our friends in families, we're going to be more than prepared for little man's arrival!

After the shower, we grabbed dinner at one of our favorite Mexican places in Knoxville - then topped it off with some frozen yogurt! For me, this was just the perfect weekend to spend with my girlfriends. I miss them so much and look forward to all the opportunities we'll have to see each other now that we're moving back to Indiana. Next time I see my Tennessee crew, I'll have a baby!!! =)

My wonderful hostesses!

We racked it in! (kitty not included - paisley was just really curious!)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Third Trimester!

Can you believe I've already hit my third trimester? Time is flying by! We had another great check-up on Friday and will see the doctor now every two weeks. Our doctor was disappointed (but not surprised) when we told him we were moving. Living in a military area, I'm sure he's seen plenty of patients come and go. He did request pictures once baby was born though =)

I've definitely developed some "unpleasant", but normal, third trimester symptoms. Acid reflux being one and restless leg syndrome being another. The restless leg is certainly the most uncomfortable. The onset is right before I'm about to fall asleep or when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep. It's just a feeling of tingling, crawling, and the urge to move my legs at all times. As you can imagine, it's caused some sleepless nights - the doc said it's okay to take Tylenol PM - but that'll be a last resort if needed. I tend to fall apart at the seams when I don't get a good night's sleep so I'm trying to stay positive about it and just focus on doing everything I can to "rest" well.

Baby should be weighing about 2 1/2 lbs. now and measuring around 15 inches. I was shocked at my last appointment when they said I only gained two pounds in the last month. I thought for sure since I had "popped" that it would be normal if I saw a 4-5 pound weight gain. To date, I've only gained 12 lbs. which I'm so happy about. From here on out, the weight I do gain will be all baby!

I am getting so excited about my first baby shower this weekend in Tennessee!! I really appreciate all the thought and work my girlfriends have put into this shower - it means so much that I can travel back to Knoxville and spend some quality time with them. Other than stopping through one night over Christmas last year, I think it's been a solid two years since I've had a weekend back in Knoxville. I can't wait to see everyone and will have plenty of pictures to show next week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Born To Be A Hoosier!

"...miles and miles of backroads and highways
connecting little towns with funny names,
who'd want to live down there in the middle of nowhere...
they've never drove through Indiana..."

Jason Aldean's current song, "Flyover States," gives major props to Midwest living - especially in Indiana and I'm so proud every time I hear it on the radio! As most of you know, we will be moving back to Indiana mid-July and could not be more excited. While it's been fun living at the beach for a couple years, we certainly are anxious to get back to our home state where we can start planting our roots =) We've always had a desire to move back closer - it was just a matter of when that opportunity would present itself. Now is the perfect time for us and we're happy baby G will be born an official Hoosier! 
I'm 27 weeks today and growing little by little every day. I didn't know how I would feel pregnant - didn't know if I would feel that "glow" or if I would be counting down the months to have it over with. I can honestly say I'm really enjoying being pregnant (thankfully, it's been an easy pregnancy). I find myself feeling protective of him now - and I feel proud that he's growing like he should be. Since I've just now "popped" in the last two weeks or so, it makes me proud of my belly because that means he's putting on weight and growing into a healthy boy! It's also a nice confidence boost that I'm doing a good job - eating well, taking care of myself, etc. I think it's so easy to get caught up in the "do's-and-don'ts" of pregnancy - my doctor told me from day one not to read anything (haha) - just use common sense! So far, that's worked for me! 

This past week, I've really been wanting something "bad" and unhealthy. I've always been a pretty healthy eater, but let's face it, after a while a blueberry just isn't going to satisfy your appetite anymore!! I didn't have a specific craving for anything in particular - just wanted something I normally wouldn't eat. So, I'm at the grocery going down every aisle getting I grab a box of powered donuts? Nah, I don't really like donuts. Do I make brownies? Nah, too much work involved. What do I settle for? Chocolate poptarts. Haha, which for those who know me know back in the day I would eat chocolate poptarts every morning for breakfast. So, this was my big "splurge"...chocolate poptarts was the most unhealthy I would allow myself to get. What makes this story even better is the fact that I opened the box on the way home and ate one =) (And just for the record, this has not curbed my "craving")! 

Going to the doctor next Friday so will have another update then!