Baby on Board!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

{Two Months Old - Carolina!}

Hi Family and Friends!

Time for another thrilling edition of ME! I'm two months old now. I can't say life is too much different from when I was a month old. But here are some fun facts:
  • I am officially SMILING. It's one of my favorite things to do. I love to smile after I have a full belly, when I see daddy, or when my brother and sister are talking to me. Mommy likes to take lots and lots of pictures of my smiling face. She says I remind her of Emerson when I smile because my eyes light up and I scrunch my nose sometimes.

  • Sleep was good for awhile. Then I decided to switch things up a bit. In between months one and two, I started waking up 2-3 times a night. Mommy and daddy didn't mind it though because, after all, that IS normal newborn behavior! But, I don't like it when mommy puts me down. I would much rather sleep on her chest or in the wrap. At all times.


  • I have a new friend. The FAN. My friend is in every room of my house. No matter where I go my friend is there! I like to look up and watch it spin.

  • You want to know who's not my friend? The CAR. I like it when we go. I do not like it when we stop.

  • We celebrated daddy's birthday. I won't take any credit for the pretty sign - that was all my big brother and sister. Daddy said I was the best present this year.

  • Mommy put me in a special dress one day to take pictures. This was her dress when she was a baby! This dress is why her Florida cousins nicknamed her "rosebud"...because it has little rosebuds all over the dress. I look awfully cute in it =)

  • I am starting to fill out and gain weight. I weigh 8 lbs. 12 oz. I have a double chin and I like to show it off in pictures. I'm out of newborn diapers and in size one, but I'm still wearing newborn clothes.

  • My brother and sister are quite the duo. All day long I listen to them play together, then fight, then play, then fight. They are very loving towards me though. Ethan loves to sit on the couch together and stare at me in amazement, watching my every move. When I smile at him, he gets so excited and runs to mommy to tell her, "sis smiled at me!!!" Emerson just wants to be where I am at all times (mostly because that's where mommy is too). If mommy is nursing me, Emerson is in her lap. If I'm in my bouncy seat, Emerson is right next to me offering to put my paci in.


Even though mommy is way behind in updating the blog, she's doing a great job recording all my fun milestones and changes each month. Thanks for looking at all my cute pictures - be on the lookout for update #3 coming soon!


Field Trip to the Apple Orchard!

Ethan's preschool took a field trip to the apple orchard last week and it was quite the adventure! I was happy to learn I could take Emerson and Carolina with me and thought, "oh this will be fun"! I might've been a little hesitant thinking about taking all three by myself to an apple orchard a hour away, but we're here to create memories right?? =)

The forecast was not looking hot the morning we were supposed to go, but the school was going rain or shine. The kids did great in the car on the way up, but I knew Carolina would need to be fed as soon as we got there. No sooner did I get everyone unstrapped and out of the car seats before it started pouring down rain. The entire parking lot was gravel so here I am trying to push the stroller over bumpy rocks with Carolina in it, holding Emerson because she's the slowest walker known to man, and telling Ethan to hurry up so we can run for cover. Not exactly a good start. The rain stops, a rainbow appears, and it's time to go apple pickin'! The orchard was so spread out and it felt like a dang Easter egg hunt more than anything. Everyone scattered and went up and down the rows of apple trees looking for the best apples they could find. Had I had time to get Carolina out of her car seat and stroller, I would've put her in my wrap to make it easier to walk around. But, it was "go time" as soon as they handed you your bag and I was left in the dust pushing her stroller (on gravel again) and carrying Emerson.

Bless Ethan. He went right up to his first tree, ducked under the branches, and got right in there to inspect which apple he wanted. Then he would twist and turn it until it came off. Of course Emerson had to get right in the action as well. Except she was picking rotten apples off the ground and putting them in our bag...nice try, sis. Have you ever been to an apple orchard after it rained? It's muddy, there are mushed apples everywhere (quite the slip hazard as I learned the hard way), and bees everywhere. But by golly, Ethan was going to fill his little bag with the best five apples he could find. Yes, you heard me. FIVE. Such an "experience" for five apples!! =) He was so proud of the "biggest apple ever" he found.

It was time for everyone to meet back at the shelter for lunch - just in time for it to start raining again. There was another school visiting so all the benches and picnic tables were taken. At this point, I'm OVER.IT. It's pouring rain, freezing cold, and I felt like Carolina was a ticking time bomb because I still hadn't fed her yet. I get the kiddos an apple cider slushie and decide we will make do and have a picnic in the car (because we had to eat since we were a hour away from home). I open the back of the mini van, take off their muddy shoes, and unpack the lunches I brought for them while I go to feed Carolina in the front seat. Next thing I know, both kids are climbing over the seats, pushing buttons in the back, and suddenly I feel like I'm starring in a three ring circus. I needed this train to leave the station!! Two poopy diaper changes from the girls (in the backseat) and Ethan peeing in the grass (we were no where close to a bathroom), I got everyone strapped back in and prayed (or demanded) for silence on the way home. I.was.exhausted.

Did I do it? Yes. Was it fun? No. Did Ethan have fun? Lord, I sure hope so! =) I'm pretty confident he did since he still talks about it. We did walk away from our first field trip with some cute pictures though...and memories made =)