Baby on Board!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

{Three & Four Months Old - Carolina!}

Hi Family and Friends!

So, mommy is a tad behind in keeping up with her blog. She tells me she thinks about it a lot, but she never has time to actually sit down at the computer and write posts. That's probably because she's too busy rocking me to sleep at night =) Don't worry - we're working on pushing my bedtime up so she can get a little of her evening back and maybe...just maybe...get something accomplished on her forever growing "to-do" list! My life is pretty fantastic right now. I can't wait to tell you all about it!
  • I am officially rolling over! I'm already seeing first hand what it's like to be the third child. Ethan's big milestone of rolling over was recorded in his baby book, video taped, shared with everyone around him, and celebrated like it was a national holiday. Emerson's milestone of rolling over was documented in her baby book. Me? Mommy can't even tell you when I rolled over for the first time. She finally remembered that babies are supposed to do tummy time and, lo and behold, I showed her my new trick! Let's just say I was somewhere around 3-3.5 months. And I'll record it here because we all know I don't have a baby book...yet =)

  • I'm such a peanut. I'm growing, but more at the pace like my big brother did. Slow and steady. Everyone thinks I'm a newborn still because of how small and petite I am. Mommy and daddy weighed me at home...I'm roughly 10.4 lbs! My four month appointment with Dr. Newby is next month.

  • Being a good sleeper must be a Graebe thing because I am a phenomenal sleeper just like my brother and sister! I am currently sleeping (on average) from 9pm-8am! I will take a short morning nap and then a long afternoon nap. Sometimes I'll sneak in a quick early evening cat nap as well.

  • Now that I'm sleeping through the night consistently, mommy and daddy have me sleeping in my own room! I'm not in my crib yet, but I sleep in the bassinet of the pack-n-play. I always wake up with smiles.

  • I haven't quite found my voice yet, but I am slowly starting to make some cute sounds. I've even been known to "laugh" on occasion. Daddy says he was the first person to make me laugh. =)

  • I absolutely H-A-T-E the car. The second my mommy puts my carseat in the car, I start losing my mind. They think it's something called separation anxiety. I don't like not being able to see my mommy. So I scream. Really loud. And I don't quit. Until I'm out of the car.

  • I have found my hands! I love to suck on them and see how far I can shove them in my mouth.
  • I look a lot like my brother and sister, but mommy thinks mostly my sister. She says we smile and scrunch our nose exactly the same. One thing that sets me apart from my siblings is I don't have dimples (yet?)

  • Everyone says I look like my daddy. I think it's because we both have no hair.
Life is good. Mommy smothers me with a thousand kisses every day, daddy can't wait to see me when he gets home from work, my sister loves to help take care of me, and my brother makes me smile more than anyone else. Mommy tells me a big holiday is right around the corner - Christmas! I hope you will check back soon to see how I celebrated!