Baby on Board!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick Update!

Today will be a quick post as I don't have too much to update everyone on - that's a good thing, right? I'm 22 weeks today and doing great. Kristen was here this past week and we enjoyed lots of lounging and couch time =) We were both getting over being sick so it was nice to relax. She was a HUGE help on Saturday as we headed up to Virginia to start our registry at Babies-R-Us! She was able to tell us what we needed, what we could wait on, her experiences with certain items, etc. Very, very helpful - there is so much stuff to choose from!! I think I've gone back and forth about the car seat we bought a hundred times...I just have to keep reminding myself, the baby doesn't care what style of fabric or design you have! Now, we're gearing up for my mom's visit next weekend!

I can feel the baby move more - mostly in the mornings and at night. We go back to the doctor May 1 for a quick check-up. Will check back in with everyone soon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Weeks - Halfway There!

We're at the halfway mark! How fast did those five months go? Since we found out we're having a little boy, I feel like the whole pregnancy has changed. It's nice to talk about boy names, look at boy clothes, and know it's a little "him" growing inside! We hit a big milestone this week when I felt him move for the first time! I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I felt the same "flutter" twice in the same area. It felt like a quick heartbeat pulse. I wasn't quite sure if that was him or not, but then I felt it again the next day too =) Now, I can't wait to feel him more and more as he grows bigger.

Someone at work told me that it's good luck to buy something for your baby by the 20-week mark. So, I just HAD to go buy the first little addition to his wardrobe. I wanted to keep it simple and keep it I found the cutest little bucket hat for our days on the beach! It's adorable and I can just picture him wearing it playing in the sand =)

We've got lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. Kristen is coming out next week to spend a couple days and I can't wait! Since she's a brand new mommy to my sweet nephew Jayden, she's going to help me start a registry with all the must-haves. We'll also have plenty of fun sister time and hopefully some warm weather for the beach! Then, Ginka (my mom) is coming out the first weekend in May. Ginka has already spoiled baby G by sending two cute onesies that I'm sure he'll love! Oh, the fun begins!!! =)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Boy, Oh BOY!

Tuesday probably ranks as one of the top five best days of my life! We are SO EXCITED to welcome a little BOY in August!! We had a wonderful check-up and the baby is measuring right on schedule. Our last ultrasound was ten weeks ago so we were very excited to see baby again. We got to see arms, legs, kidneys, brain, all the working parts of a little human! It was so cool to even see the little bones in his fingers!

While we wanted to find out the sex, we didn't want to find out right there in the doctor's office. So, the night before I decorated two cards - one boy, one girl. I handed them to the ultrasound tech and told her to put a check mark on the envelope so we knew which one to open (she had us look away during that part of the ultrasound so it wouldn't ruin the surprise). Afterwards, we went to the beach where we planned to open the card. We were so nervous! We closed our eyes and Eric pulled out the boy card...I'm pretty sure he screamed "YES!" and I screamed "REALLY"?! I thought for sure it was a girl! And Eric "knew" it was a boy! =) I seriously think Eric feels more macho knowing he reproduced a boy...haha...he is sooooo stinkin' proud!!!! We wanted a cute way to share the news with our family and friends so we collected shells on the beach and spelled out "b-o-y" in the sand. The rest of the day was filled with phone calls to our parents and siblings and lots of texts from our friends. It really does bring me so much joy sharing this whole experience with everyone. I've had plenty of friends tell me "boys are the BEST" and "little boys just love their mommies so much"! We are so happy we found out - it feels completely different. Now, the fun part begins - NAMES! We've always had an on-going list stashed away of names that we liked, but we said we didn't really want to talk about names until we knew the gender. We will (most likely) keep the name a secret until baby arrives!

 I'm 19 weeks tomorrow so almost halfway through! I'm feeling great - this week has been full of nothing but love and encouragement. I don't think either of us has stopped smiling!