Baby on Board!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Week!

I really need to get better about updating this blog on a more consistent basis. However, I'm old school and like to do it on my computer...which I've probably opened five times in the last seven months! This is my attempt in doing a better job of transferring the pictures from my phone to the computer in hopes to capture more of "every day" life!

We've had some fabulous weather lately. Ethan craves being outside...any time he can be out digging in the dirt or playing at the park he's one happy boy. Eric bought a couple bags of sand and put it in the playhouse so the kids have a place to dig. They like burying rocks and finding "treasure." There's also a sandpit at the park so we've been taking our buckets and shovels when we go.

We had fun at the library earlier in the week. They have a great area designated for babies with developmental toys as well as the play areas for toddlers.

This past week has been so low key and such a breath of fresh air because we haven't had anything "planned." There was nothing we needed to do and I could take each day and adjust our schedule accordingly. Lots of downtime at home which is so important! The kids are so into building forts, pretending, and coloring...especially Emerson when she colors her feet :/ She said it was toenail polish =)

Friday, April 21, 2017

{Six and Seven Months Old - Carolina!}

Hello Family and Friends!

It's been so long since my last update, I bet you thought mommy wasn't going to keep doing my monthly blog posts! Don't you fret - my momma's been writing stuff down on her phone and every once in awhile she gets five minutes to sit down at the computer and write two sentences =) Here's a look into what my life's been like during months six and seven:

  • At six months, I weighed 11 lbs. 10 oz. I'm still a tiny peanut, but my doctor is happy with the way I'm growing. She thinks I might be tall like mommy.

  • I'm slowly starting to make more noise. Around six months, I started smacking my lips and really trying to blow raspberries. It usually just comes out as a whisper. You can tell when I'm working hard trying to muster up the energy to "talk."
  • Every one tells me my eyes are so expressive. They are a deep denim blue color that resemble my daddy's.

  • I have started to reach out/grab the faces when people talk to me. Ethan and Emerson especially love to get right up in my face and laugh when I touch their cheek or pull their hair.

  • Y'all know my track record in the car. It hasn't been the best. But, guess what? I've gotten better!! A LOT better! I don't cry hardly at all now. I even took my first road trip to Chicago with mommy last month. Besides the straight hour I cried on the way up, I didn't make a peep otherwise. Mommy's friends were so happy to meet me. It was Aunt Annie's baby shower - last time she saw mommy, I was still in her belly!

  • I love my toes! Every time I'm on my back I put them in my mouth.
  • I am showing a ton of interest in food. Mommy will put me in my play seat on the table and I peer over to see what everyone is eating. Sometimes when mommy is holding me while eating, I start drooling (literally!) and smacking my lips. Hopefully I will start eating food soon ;) (hint, hint mommy!!!)

  • I am officially sitting up! What's funny is mommy probably wrote down the exact date Ethan started sitting up because he was the first baby. My big milestone just gets grouped somewhere between six and seven months! =) But for the record it was closer to seven months.
  • I love to sleep on mommy. My sleep pattern got a little interrupted after I tried the crib for a week and decided I really did not like the extra room. I started waking up 2-3 times a night and would end up spending most of my night in bed with mommy. She makes a great pillow.
  • Having said that, mommy has noticed that I don't take as long to rock to sleep anymore. She used to rock me for a straight hour at bedtime. Now she's able to lay me down quicker for naps and bedtime because I'm slowly starting to go to bed earlier. I usually sleep from 8:30/9pm-7/7:30am.

  • At 7.5 months, I weighed 12.4 lbs! Even the nurse said I look like I'm still two months old =)

  • At seven months, I'm officially out of size one diapers!!

I continue to be a happy, happy baby My family takes such good care of me. Mommy is already working on next month's post (since I'm technically eight months old while she writes this - haha). Grace, give her grace. =)