Baby on Board!

Friday, September 16, 2016

{One Month Old - Carolina!}

Hi Family and Friends!

My first blog post! My big brother and big sister have been telling me about these updates we get to do each month...and all the pictures mommy will take! I don't mind though, I'm a natural in front of the camera. My first month has gone so well and mommy and daddy tell me I've made the transition to three kids very easy (I think they're just happy I don't cry a lot like my sister did)!! Let me tell you some things I've been doing the last couple weeks:

  • Let's start with the most important: SLEEP. I like to sleep. I must've inherited the Graebe sleep gene because just like my brother and sister, I am such a good sleeper. The majority of nights I only wake up one time! Mommy will put me down around 10:30-11pm and then I'll wake up around 3-3:30am. Daddy gets me up and changes my diaper. He doesn't think its funny when I kick my scrawny little legs while he's trying to snap my jammies back together. Mommy will feed me and then I'll fall back asleep until 7-7:30am.

  • I've actually slept through the night about five or six times now! Mommy and daddy like when I do that. When I was 3 1/2 weeks old, I slept from 10:15pm-6:45am. Sleep makes me happy.

  • Besides sleeping, eating is my next favorite hobby-although you wouldn't be able to tell with how little I am. At my four week weight check, I weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. So far, I'm taking after my brother and will probably stay on the smaller side of the growth chart :) 

  • I took my first road trip this month! I went to Brownsburg for my cousin, Logan's, birthday party! I made it almost the entire way there without crying. This was the first time my cousin Kaleb was able to hold me. He was so gentle and had the biggest smile on his face. I think him and I will be buddies. Let's not forget Jayden though! He made a special trip down with Aunt Kristen to meet me...he's an old pro holding all his younger cousins!
  • When I cry, like really cry, I have real tears. 
  • Mommy scheduled newborn pictures when I was ten days old. I wasn't too sure about life at that point so I stayed awake the whole time. That made it much harder to get a good picture of me. Mommy laughed when she got the proofs back. No perfect family portrait here...and that's okay! :) 

  • I have dark hair. Especially in the back. Ethan likes to play with my little tuft of hair at the back of my neck. Ethan had dark hair too when he was born so my parents think it'll turn blonde like my siblings. 
  • Speaking of my siblings, let me tell you how great they are. First up, big brother Ethan! He likes to hold me in his big arms. He'll just look down and smile at me and is amazed when I look back at him. He loves to tell me "good morning baby sister" when I wake up and he will NEVER go to bed without giving me a hug and kiss goodnight. 

  • My big sister Emerson likes to help change my diaper. She always hands mommy a new diaper when I'm on the changing table. She also likes to hold me and is so concerned when my paci falls out. Like Ethan, I always get a hug and kiss at bedtime. Don't let these pictures fool you...she loves me =)

  • Ethan and Emerson love to call me by my full name, Carolina Jane Ellen. Or in Emerson's case, "Cara-wine-uh Jane El-wen." 😄😄

  • Even though I'm sleeping well at night, mommy is still tired and has been known to forget things. Like me. We went to pick Ethan up from preschool and she sat my car seat down outside his classroom. In the midst of the busyness during pick up, mommy started to walk away with Ethan and Emerson, but not me. Don't worry, I was sleeping the whole time and didn't even know what was going on. And, to be fair, she only made it to the end of the hallway  (6-7 steps) before she realized she forgot her precious cargo!!!  

  • I've been known to sneak a couple smiles :))) first documented smile (non-gas related) was at three weeks! 

  • I can track people with my eyes when they talk to me. Especially daddy. I like when mommy is holding me and he comes over for our daily talk. 

  • Like my brother and sister, I love to be carried around in mommys wrap. I mean, who wouldn't! Look how cozy I am! Mommy said it would be helpful, though, if I could get used to my swing or bouncy seat :)
  • I took my first bath. Mommy washed me in the sink - the water was nice and warm. I didn't like my bath in the beginning. But, I got used to the water by my second bath. My brother and sister like to help mommy by pouring water on my feet.

Life sounds pretty nice as a four week old, doesn't it? I'm excited to report back each month on all my growth and milestones. One things for sure, while mommys belly was nice for ten months, nothing compares to all the love, hugs, and kisses I get from my family every day!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Maternity Pictures!

I decided to do impromptu maternity/family pictures ten days before Carolina made her appearance. Maternity pictures are something I never did with the other two, but I really wanted to capture this moment in our lives before baby #3 came. We picked what seemed to be the most humid Indiana evening all summer! The flies and gnats were horrible, we were sweating, it was close to bedtime, and I walked away thinking we'd be lucky if we even got one good shot. Overall, I'm happy with them and laugh looking at some with Ethan and Emerson. Memories, for sure =)