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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

15 Months Old!

Hi Family and Friends!
It may have been awhile since some of you have visited my blog. I wanted to send out a special 15-month post so I can update you on everything I've mastered in the last couple months:
  • You're probably wondering if I'm walking yet...well, not yet! Maybe by Christmas. I love to cruise along the furniture and am slowly starting to let go and get more adventurous. I walk behind my musical scooter every day. And I'm one of the fastest crawlers I've ever seen!
  • Last month, I learned to bend down on my knee from the standing position. It's much easier than just plopping down on my tush. I can also bend down to reach toys.
  • I can now successfully place shapes in my shape sorter toy. My favorite is the blue circle. I also like to put blocks together. Before, I didn't realize they fit together. Now I can put two pieces together and then take them apart.
  • I love books. Always have! Mommy and I read together every morning after my bottle. Some of my favorite books are touch & feel books, pop-ups, or books that have flaps!
  • I am learning my animals. Every time I turn the page in my book and see the dog, I say "whoo whoo" (my version of woof, woof)! I also know when I see a cow to say "mooooooo."
  • I like to hide things. Sometimes I'll take a toy and place it in the drawer, sit back and throw my hands up like "where did it go?" Then I'll open the drawer and act so surprised that I found it!
  • I can identify my nose, head, and belly when asked where they are.
  • Want to see something really cute?? My Grandpa Joe gave me a stuffed animal monkey last Christmas. If you press its belly it plays lullaby music. I am going through a phase where I love my monkey so much and love the music he plays. I cuddle with the monkey and rest my face on his and rock back and forth to the lullaby music.
  • One of my favorite games is "Where's Ethan?" I'll play by putting a book in front of my face and playing peek-a-boo, crawling into another room and then poking my head around the corner, or I'll just cover my face with my hands and smile really big when someone asks "where's Ethan?" It makes me so happy!
    Where's Ethan?
    There he is!
  • Can you believe I still don't have any teeth??? Don't be alarmed though. Mommy sees five teeth coming through on the TOP row and a couple of them should poke through any day! Teething hasn't really bothered me at all - I've had a fussy day here or there, but I've taken it like a champ! I'm going to look like a whole different person with teeth!
  • I like to imitate people blowing their nose or sneezing. I hold a Kleenex up to my nose and say "shesh" like a sneeze. It makes people laugh!
  • No official words yet, but mommy and daddy tell me it sounds like I say "what's that?" all the time! They are so nice and describe what everything is around me.
  • I go to sleep at 7-7:15pm every night and sleep until 7:30am the next morning. I also still take a long morning nap and long afternoon nap!
  • I love to help my mommy clean. After watching her clean up after every meal, I learned to take a towel and wipe down anything I can. The refrigerator, the floor, my hair, the name it!
    Just being silly!!

    Happy Boy!
As you can see, I've been a busy little bee learning so many new things! The next couple weeks will be so much fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. I am going to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and will meet my new baby cousin, Emery. Then over Christmas I will finally get to meet my Uncle Chris, Aunt Jenni, and cousins Kaden, Addie, and Averi visiting from Texas!! I hope you'll keep checking my blog so you can stay up-to-date on how cute I am! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Look At Him Go!

Make sure your volume is up so you can hear his sweet "coo's"!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Allergy Testing Day!

After Ethan had a bad reaction to a scrambled egg several months ago, Dr. Newby wanted to do further allergy testing to see what else he was allergic to. He was a champ today! He sat in my lap while they drew dots on his back and then did the "prick test." He didn't cry, didn't wiggle, or fuss! The doctor tested him for eggs, peanuts, and kitties =) Little man went 2-3 and tested positive for eggs and peanuts. The doctor prescribed an epipen for us to carry in case of an emergency, but for the most part this shouldn't be a big lifestyle change. We hadn't been feeding him eggs or peanut butter anyway so we will just continue to leave that off the menu. The doctor gave us a couple websites to look at that will help educate us a little more about egg and peanut allergies in babies.

The last couple weekends have been full of family events! A couple weeks ago we headed up to Indianapolis for Jayden's 2nd birthday party which was a lot of fun. Last weekend, Mamaw watched Ethan on Saturday afternoon so mommy and daddy could go tailgate with their friends. Then Ethan spent the night at Papaw and Ginka's and got to have extra play time with Aunt Kristen, Jayden, and Kaleb. This weekend we are so excited that Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Aidan, and Sydney are all coming to visit!

Still no teeth!! We've been eyeing his pearly nubs for a couple weeks now, but they just haven't popped through yet! Ethan is babbling SO much right now and has really picked up on mimicking our behavior. I'll include a couple funny things he's doing now during his 15-month update next week. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!
I like to look out the window!
What's under there??
Still love walking with my scooter!