Baby on Board!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We're Pregnant!

We are so excited to share this special time with our family and friends! Being so far away, this will be a great way for everyone to stay connected and keep up-to-date on little peanut's progress! I found out I was pregnant right after Christmas and was able to tell my family/friends in person when I flew home to Indiana two weeks ago. I had thought of cute little ways to tell each person and it was really exciting (and hilarious!) to see everyone's reactions. To have the support we do is absolutely amazing. 

We had our first ultrasound on Tuesday. I am officially 8.5 weeks pregnant which puts my due date as AUGUST 31! We were able to see the baby for the first time and see its heart beating. It's funny because I was crying before we even went in, and I cried after, but I didn't cry during the actual ultrasound. I think I was just in awe - it's crazy to think that little peanut on the screen is living in my belly! 

Here's a quick update on baby:
How Far Along: 8 weeks, 6 days
Size: just under 2cm -about the size of a large raspberry
Development: webbed fingers and toes are poking out from baby's hands and feet, its eyelids practically cover the eyes, breathing tubes extend from its throat to the branches of the developing lungs, and its "tail" is just about gone. Still crazy to think babies start out like this, right?!
How I'm Feeling: HUNGRY! Haha, my family saw first hand when I was home how my eating habits have changed! I feel hungry all.the.time. But, I also feel queezy about 95% of the time too! I've noticed if I let myself get hungry then I really start to feel nauseous. So, I've been pretty good at snacking every 3-4 hours (healthy snacks, of course)! Saltine crackers now feel like I'm eating cardboard so I've switched to oyster crackers =) No major cravings or aversions, but NOTHING I eat feels satisfying - sometimes it's hard to get a meal down, but I'm just so thankful I'm not getting sick!

We go back for another ultrasound on Tuesday, February 7. Come back and visit because we are so excited to see how the baby has changed in just a couple short weeks!