Baby on Board!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Week!

I really need to get better about updating this blog on a more consistent basis. However, I'm old school and like to do it on my computer...which I've probably opened five times in the last seven months! This is my attempt in doing a better job of transferring the pictures from my phone to the computer in hopes to capture more of "every day" life!

We've had some fabulous weather lately. Ethan craves being outside...any time he can be out digging in the dirt or playing at the park he's one happy boy. Eric bought a couple bags of sand and put it in the playhouse so the kids have a place to dig. They like burying rocks and finding "treasure." There's also a sandpit at the park so we've been taking our buckets and shovels when we go.

We had fun at the library earlier in the week. They have a great area designated for babies with developmental toys as well as the play areas for toddlers.

This past week has been so low key and such a breath of fresh air because we haven't had anything "planned." There was nothing we needed to do and I could take each day and adjust our schedule accordingly. Lots of downtime at home which is so important! The kids are so into building forts, pretending, and coloring...especially Emerson when she colors her feet :/ She said it was toenail polish =)


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