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Friday, April 7, 2017

My Little Artist!

From an early age, Ethan has always shown interest in drawing and painting. It has been amazing watching his talent and skill grow as he develops and gets older. What once started as him drawing scribbles, has now turned into him drawing full blown stories in his pictures. I truly love seeing this trait in him and want to help encourage this artistic side he's been gifted! There is a lady in town that attends our church who provides art classes for children. I remember talking with her last year and she said, "any kid of his age who is willing to just sit and draw has a God-given talent." Meaning, most kids his age don't have the attention span to sit and color, paint, draw, etc. Even his preschool teacher, Miss Kate, pointed out during our parent/teacher conference that Ethan's strong suit is when they do projects and anything creative.

Just thought I'd share some of his recent stuff - he is always so proud of what he makes. We recently put up a wire in our play room so we could hang some of his art work. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't spend some part of his day drawing =)

This was the first time he drew a person other than a stick figure. He even added hair on top "like mommy."

This was a picture he drew me for my birthday. It was a semi-truck full of birthday presents.

Aside from drawing, Ethan seems to be really interested in weather. Last time we were at Mamaw and Papaw Steve's house, he noticed there was a tornado siren right across the street. The following week, all his pictures included a "scene" of bad weather. The long stick in the middle is the tornado siren. All the scribbles around are the storm clouds. The square to the left with the person inside is Poppy (his imaginary friend) inside her house. =)

Another drawing of the tornado siren with Poppy in her house to the left. The bottom shows a fire truck with the firefighter in the drivers seat. Same with the top right - someone driving a truck to come help Poppy during the storm. 

This was a picture he drew last week - his first house! He told me he drew windows and a front door with a doorbell =)
Many times his pictures are just a page of stick figure people and he will name members of our family. No matter what, though, each picture has a purpose and a story. I love hearing him explain what he was thinking and what the picture means. This is just a tiny glimpse into his artwork...can't wait to share more!

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